WordPress is very heavy.

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WordPress is very heavy.

The site used to run smoothly, but recently it has become very slow.
The site is taking a long time to display one by one, especially on the administration screen, not to mention the display speed.
It also takes a long time to get to the login screen.

What we have tried?
-Delete cache from browser.
-Stopped all plug-ins.
-Compression of images ? This is what we usually do.
-Delete revisions and cache of the site.
-Downgraded wordpress to the previous version (6.1.1).

This did not improve the situation either.
By the way, I did not change the theme.
Because the same phenomenon is happening on other sites (with different themes).
Therefore, I do not think the theme is relevant.

I am using a server that is considered high spec.

All of the sites we own are heavy, although the slowness varies.
Even the sites that I have not tinkered with at all recently have become heavy.

Are there any possible causes and countermeasures?

*Is the expression "the site is heavy" the same in each country?
Heavy = slow speed.


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I checked with the server and received the following response.

"We are experiencing intermittent offensive accesses, which are mostly under control, but we are seeing minor load.It is possible that this may have been affected here."

So I migrated to the new server and the problem was solved!

Thank you very much for all your help!
It has been helpful for me in the future.

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There is many things which can make WordPress slow and it's hard to answer your question without testing it onsite.Few things i would suggest to check (if you already optimaze it all you can) is:
- Maybe even resizing recent or future images if they are too large
- Check your WP for malware!!!
- Check errors log on your server
- Check if search engine robots are crawling your site too offten and slow them down
- Check other stats to see if your website overvisited with some hidden visitors (egg traffic bots, DDOS atacks and similar) ....
Honestly there could be many many reasons...

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Considerating all the above, you are right! still, it all depends on the vendor, bandwidth, and the plans you have chosen.

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I'd look into a hosting issue, if your other sites seem to be slowing down as well. Even a good host can run into issues with resources, malware, etc.

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The term "heavy" to describe a slow website may not be universally understood, but the concept of a slow website is. There could be a few possible causes for your website's slowness, despite the steps you have already taken to improve the performance.First, it's possible that the server you are using is not configured optimally for the type of websites you are hosting. You may want to consider optimizing the server settings or upgrading to a higher-spec server that can better handle the load.Second, there may be issues with the website's code itself, such as inefficient database queries or excessive use of resources. You may want to consider hiring a developer to conduct a code audit and identify any potential bottlenecks.Third, it's possible that the website is being targeted by malicious traffic or a DDoS attack. In this case, you may want to consider implementing security measures or working with a security specialist to mitigate the issue.Lastly, it's worth noting that website performance can also be affected by external factors, such as internet connectivity or network congestion. If you have ruled out all other potential causes, you may want to consider conducting a network analysis or working with your hosting provider to troubleshoot any potential network issues.Overall, troubleshooting website performance issues can be a complex process, and it may require a combination of technical expertise and trial and error. It's important to be methodical in your approach and to seek help from qualified professionals if needed.

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Change to better servers , It would be really good fix .

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