How I earn 50$ daily? 50$ is very enough for me. please anybody help me

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How I earn 50$ daily? 50$ is very enough for me. please anybody help me

How I earn 50$ daily, 50$ is very enough for me. please anybody help me, I need money urgently please help me.. thanks


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   ey Basit,

  The best way I can tell you is to either post gig on here for people to buy, talents or just labor work that others may not want to do or have the time to do, or you here is a website that you can use to earn money on completing tasks that others place on the site for workers to complete, its also a great way for people to build their online presence because it allows you the control of comments being posted on your social media by you directing them in what to comment about and to favorite/like showing your followers or fans that people use your site often and so they also will check it more recently and be way more likely to retweet or share your status updates or tweets!

the work involves everything from writing facebook comments, writing company reviews, liking photos, backlinking, twitter follow, retweets, sign ups and a big one is going to the employers sites and surfing it till you find a advertisement that is of interest to you, then by clicking on the advertisement the employer makes money that he then likely is paying you 50% of or so but its a decent website and this is the best site I have found for USA workers, you are able to make a good $200 a week by just logging in every day for an hour or so,

Another great way to make money is the referral program that most people neglect to use, by either using the referral program or all you have to do is get your affiliate link and go to websites that you feel would likely attract fellow workers or employee's and write a post about the type of services that can be found here on or the type of work you can have done on also you may want to just add that by them using your referral link they get aq Bonus for using it even know everyone gets a bonus if you just don't mention that regardless how you sign up its more likely that people wont just search it or type the url in themselves instead of using your referral id.

   I hope this all helps you in getting your self a establishes income from working online, it cant be a pain getting started but well worth it once its rolling, I provide Web & SEO Development, Real Direct traffic to websites and Social Media accounts providing real twitter followers, real facebook fans and of course real Youtube viewers, I also provide white hat manual Backlinking services and positive company reviews from GEO targeted locations chosen by the client, I also do Penguins and Panda recovery for websites as well as Sponsor Development for music artist.

   Even with all these services I provide I must constantly keep up with marketing and advertisement, because my main service is SEO I also must constantly keep up with updates and doing research on new methods an algorithm updates/changes, I started out just developing websites 7 years ago an within a year I was providing SEO services an just shortly after that I was providing Direct Traffic through network advertisement and a custom pay per click type of service, after finding SEO clerks and losing my followers and fans I decided to take action creating networks to provide real followers, fans and viewers for social media sites that was cost effective and still provided the quality I so desired.

Reason for all this extra info is simple, stay at it and don't give up I am not a super rich man but I am not poor either, I dont do to much service providing on SEOclerks but that is because SEOclerks has more of a reseller client base instead of a main stream public (those are more my clients then resellers though I have a strong team of resellers cost wise resellers want the cheapest they can get) that is more interested in creating a social media site that is of use, an can produce positive results, the resellers don't care about this and only want to find it the cheapest they can an have no concern with the account after payment has been made, an they know these fake followers and fans will drop, the client may not know this an so 95% of providers cant properly pass the verification process and use proper SEO methods when creating and maintaining their accounts causing huge drops and much embarrassment to the clients.

     Best of Luck and with positive thoughts things can only get better, We do provide resellers with discounted prices case anyone is interested our services by all means contact me or purchase a gig from my services list, thanks to anyone who took the time to read this and best of luck!!

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you need to promote your gigs. do the best for your client. dont think about quantity, but quality with low price. customer will back for your great quality. i can get $68 at 1sell for my gig, from my loyal buyer 

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Your services need to be work hard and have a reasonable price. you need to be every day to given gig & price given to lower .. Try and have your work stand out more.

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