please accept my national ID card

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please accept my national ID card

Hello Dear Seoclerks Team I live In pakistan i dont have English National ID card Please tell me suggestion


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Respected Sir,

Nothing to worry about it.

You can apply the same again or just you need to try again with your Country's National ID.

To do Check list:
  • Income Tax Certificate of your own or relative that shows your surname with address details.
  • Add your credit card details.
  • Credit Card statements
  • Proper Address Proof
  • Your Paypal Payment processor Screenshots have a name of yours.
  • Your Bank Account Details
  • Gas Bill
  • Electricity Bill
  • Voter ID
  • Passport ID
  • Driving Licence
  • Ration Card ID
  • Your Real Photograph, if possible 2 slides
  • A mobile number plus an Alternate number (if postpaid then upload your Phone Bill)
  • Bank Account Statements for the past 6-months with your name.

Use every possible way so that customer team members can trust you. If you show them one by one, I am very sure that will accept you, but still, I can say it all depends upon team members. support team exactly verifies your details, so be sure to upload what exactly said and instructed.



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They asked about the same things when I decides to migrate to England

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