Just got an affiliate sale !

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Just got an affiliate sale !

Just got first affiliate sale , hence but it turns out , it not unique sale , Can anybody tell me the difference between unique affiliate sale and The simple Affiliate sale !

Can you guide me how to get Unique Affiliate sale !


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Answer is here

What is a unique affiliate sale?

A unique affiliate sale is one (1) purchase from one (1) affiliate. The
same affiliate could purchase several more services or items but it
would still produce only one unique sale. You need 25 affiliates to
purchase at least 1 service to have 25 unique affiliate sales. A unique
affiliate sale must be in a completed state (delivered by the seller and
accepted by the buyer).

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Affiliate sales are simply sales that you bring to SC using your unique affiliate link found at

You need 50 unique sales to become level 4. Unique means from 50 different buyers, so if one buyer purchases 50 times it only counts as ONE.

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