how can i really earn on this platform

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how can i really earn on this platform

how can i make money on this platform as am new on this platform and will really like to know how to earn on this platform


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It says you are level 3, so you are not new and you already know how it works.

Unless you hacked into someone's level 3 account....

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There are Various Level X3, X4 account and Sellers Gigs are Fraudlent on Seocerks, They doesn't know about how to do seo? but they have thousands of clients, one of seller doesn't provide me any links but amount is paid and no refund is given by admin of seoclerks after 20 times making complaint till now.

this platform have various fraudulent sellers and all are created and sold by admin of this platform. so don't be genuine here sooner it will be 100% cheater platform. my post isn't approved by admin on community just because i wrote the whole reality with email conversation to seoclerks support team. they asking they are helpless and will not remove the gig, and seller. even they stealing money or gigs are fake.

we don't care about buyers, we only responsible for our commission

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