How to withdraw my affiliate earnings?

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How to withdraw my affiliate earnings?

I wont send any documents scans. How to withdraw my affiliate earnings?
I have an idea. Admins you should allow offers like:
Transfer paypal money for 10% of your seoclerks balance
So every affiliate will be able to get his money minus 10%. For example you buy gig, send someone $100 from your seoclerks affiliate balance, he send you $90 to your paypal


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For the last few days seoclerks have huge and huge changes.
To withdraw your money: you must have to verify your documents.
You can send the scan documents to verify your account
and start withdrawing your money.

May be your idea will not be activate.
You can buy services by your affiliate money.
You can withdraw your affiliate earnings by the seoclerk proven withdraw system:
like by Payoneer
or by Paylution.

Hope you are well on this pandemic situation.
Best wishes.


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