Is SEO Tax Deductible?

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Is SEO Tax Deductible?

Is SEO Tax Deductible? Wouldn't SEO fall under an "operating expense" for a business and thus be deductible on taxes?


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-if you can allot a portion of your advertising budget and find a way to document your seo as an "advertising expense."

-if the operation of the website is an ordinary, regular and necessary expense to the life of the business and your seo costs are in line with that.

oh, it also depends on where in the world you are.

best thing to do is ask a tax guy. =)

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Yes it is a legitimate promotional and marketing expense
As usual you will need a receipt or invoice - which might be tricky on some of these gigs! However you could get round that as the confirmation email and paypal statement should suffice to prove that a cash transaction took place so you could then run it through petty cash see if you are not familiar with the petty cash principle.

I hope this helps

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Yes. It is. Because SEO is a form of advertising. And advertising is tax deductable as it's helpful for your business to succeed. As Spike has pointed out, you can back it up with a printed email or PayPal transaction statement screenshot or PDF document or something. Of course these can be printed out too. So you can use them when you come to submit your tax forms. Different countries have different rules on what is tax deductable and what isn't so if you're registering as self-employed or as a limited company you'll need to know these first. You can probably get some free tax advice from your local community people support group like the Citizens Advice Bureau or hiring the services of a solicitor or tax advisor as after all, it pays to know!

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Try not to write to them in messages and call support. Then I think you will solve the problem with the tax. I once had a similar situation, but I then bought a property in Belize. Then I still changed my mind about paying for it, because at the last moment my real estate agent said that it was unprofitable and I needed to finish the deal as soon as possible. I got my money back, which I paid, but they didn't want to return taxes to me. And there the amount was huge, and until I went to their office, they didn't want to return my money, can you imagine?! Therefore, call them, and if this does not help, then go to the office!

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