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payment to a freelancer


If I need to pay to afreelancer her, what is the system like? Do i pay everything in advance? When does the freelancer receive his payment? Only after the job is finished or somewhere in between?



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Hye there.
Thanks for the beautiful question.

You can pay your freelancer by 2 ways.
One: Add funds from top buyer section. Add the funds by paypal/credit cards and buy the services of freelancer.
Two: collect the service links from freelancer and click order now and pay directly from your paypal/credit cards.

Your freelancer will get pay only when you are happy and complete the order. But if you are not online than the delivered order will go for completion within 5 days. The funds will be automatics release after 5 days of order delivery. If you want to give money before that : than you need to provide the manual order completion and also provide the positive/negative marks and good recommendation upon necessary.

Additionally you can pay tips also.


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There is a 20% marketplace commission which is deducted from seller's earnings before being added to balance. Please keep that in mind when making a purchase. You can tip the seller after the order is completed to compensate.

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The details of payment should be negotiated in advance, it seems to me that the freelancer and the customer should just discuss it. Sometimes it is convenient for a freelancer to get paid after the work is done, so he has an incentive. Some take part of the money in advance, and another part after the work is done, it's also a good scheme. I just read top highest-paying skills, so now I know what skills people are willing to pay you good wages for. Now I understand how to properly manage finances and communicate with a potential employer.

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