133rd number payment receive from seoclerks

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133rd number payment receive from seoclerks

Hello Guys all seoclerks.
Hope you are all well in this pandemic situation.

I am a level 4 seoclerk seller and affiliate marketer. I have received my 133rd number of payment from seoclerks to payoneer. Payoneer to local banks. Every time I receive payments from seoclerks, I feel huge happy. This time I made a payment proof video for my youtube channel . I made some important parts of blur but if you are regular on seoclerk than you will get the all proof details step by step. I have bene started from the portion after processing of withdraw request. You can check the full video. I have seoclerks & 7 affiliate marketplace related Bangla (though I am from Bangladesh) & English video tutorials. Bangla is 12 videos serial. English is 8 video playlist tutorial. You can see those playlist on my youtube channel homepage. 

If you like the video please subscribe and share the seoclerks payment proof video tutorial with your friends worldwide. 
If you subscribe and refresh my youtube channel home page: than you will see the 132nd number of payment proof. 

Hope you will enjoy the video tutorial. If you have any question please comment the video.
DO not forget to like also.

Level 4 seller & Affiliate marketer.


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Good work, but one piece of advice!
When you are posting something for global, try to remain lucid.
For example, your words and grammars are a bit hazy! (So many errors!)
Frankly speaking, we anticipate better from you.
You are a respected and mature freelancer of this platform.
Seriously review your content before posting; that all.
I wish you every bit of success in your life!

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Thanks for your nice compliments. I shall try to follow your instructions. In outsourcing and freelancing marketplace world : you just need to give the work fully and the opposite will try to catch that fully. Everybody does not know every language completely because of ascent and ethnicity. I think you understand. English buyers works worldwide but worldwide people does not know English accurately. Everybody is trying to give their opinions or works to others. Here errors are not a problem. This is not English literature. Here main things works and deliver. I think you understand also what I am trying to say in here. As a seo professional I want to deliver perfect seo works : perfect language is not 100 percent necessary. Kindly do not attack anyone publicl n here. If you see any error say the person personally. Though seoclerk approved the discussion so remember that I have a minimum and basic standards .

wish you all the best.
stay safe.

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Greetings Real

I am doing new work. Pray for me too and give me any suggestions.

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Thanks for the message and reply.
Blogger post price will be lower because everybody knows to make blogging. Thumbnails letters will be some big more. You have nice services. Use share button social media share button for your services.

wish you all the best.


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