When i can publish my article ?

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When i can publish my article ?

hi , i'm new here and i found so complications here , can someone explain to me how this site web works ? 
ps: i'm in the category of  content and wrinting 


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Welcome to SeoClerks.

Well, in short, you can't publish article here.

Rather can publish your service details, that you'll offer, with link to your sample articles. Then if a buyer like your offer, s/he'll contact & possibly make order for article on a topic. Once get the order, then you can make articles > make delivery > buyer acceptance > get paid.

You can check your niche related seller profile to get an idea of how it works.

Feel free to ask anything you have in mind.

Best Regards

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This seller service was rejected for reason: bad title. I have fixed your title and reactivated the service.

The instructions you included for buyer

please send me what i should know about you , it's my first article here and i have no idea what : tell the buyer exactly what you need to start means , so if you think you can help me with something , know that you're doing a favor , and of course i'll be so happy if you read my article and tell me if find any mistake i'll make sure to correct it later

Under the requirements section, tell the buyer what information you need.

For instance, you might say

Send me your website link or any other article requirements

If buyer purchases the service, you would then deliver a written copy of your article.

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Hi, you can publish your articles at any time. You just need to make sure that you have followed all of the site rules. This is because some sites have stricter rules compared to other sites. Also need to make sure that your article will be posted to a site that has a lot of traffic so that you won't have a difficult time in increasing the traffic on your article. Also, you might also want to use some keywords and the tagging feature of the site just to make sure that someone will read your article or generate traffic.

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