I am not getting any order.

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I am not getting any order.

Not getting any order

I have published my gig a couple of week ago but I am not getting any order .That is why I have taken some steps and I am showing you bellow. But still now I am not getting any order. I want to know what should I do. Please tell me what step should I take to get an order.

The step that I have taken

  • Updated the title
  • Staying online
  • Improved the image
  • Improved the content
  • Boosting it daily
  • Given a discount


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You can make up to 5 services.
Make some more services.
Before make go to the marketplace section.
There search your service category.
Find out the other sellers are doing what?
Comparison your services with them and make some attractive descriptions and titles.
Hope it will work with you.

Check down the user level section to work more.


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Hi centurion,

At first I wanna thank you for giving a structural reply where you mentioned to make up to 5 services and given me a proper direction to do it.

Even you have told me to compare my service strategy to others . You make me thought in another way .I will follow your advice .

Thanks a million once again.

Best wishes

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When you boost a service, it will always go just under the last category featured service on the category home page.

There are at least 100 category featured services in the Link Building category where you're listing this service.

There is a real risk, your service won't ever be seen by buyers due to the massive quantity of category featured services on that category.

You should list under another category that doesn't have so many category featured services to compete against.

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I am getting also Order after one month.

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