My road to success, a freelancer's story

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My road to success, a freelancer's story

As a freelancer when I have started in 2016 in some other platform, I have quite discomfort with everything like

- understanding the environment
- creating a service
- price for my service
- how to approach clients
- how to deal with client
- how to deal when a custom requirement occurs from their side
- how to deal with a client when my work doesn't meet with their expectation

I have reached to many blogs where such incidents explained and found the best suggestions also asked my elder brother who is working as a team leader in the testing process of software development in an MNC so got idea also got some words that are often used to deal with other people for formal approach and also to let other to understand me and my service as well as also I offer several suggestions by specifying the exact source.

In the long run, I am well comfortable and also improving myself to communicate with people and explain my thought to them. I believe failure also helps us to stand better and good feedback improving us.


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Wow!! it's nice to hear that you have been patients and continue doing good work. That's why today you can say that you are successful. This will inspire many of us. Can you please mention some of the blogs that help you to do better?

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