website listing in an area

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website listing in an area

Anyone know or do website ranking in an area ? without an address ? I want my website to rank in my hometown when someone googles the business type


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If you already know what you want, you may post a Job here

If you're asking for DIY tips for this issue, you should insure that your hometown name is in the domain name.

Let's say for instance, if you own a Plumbing repair company in Dallas Texas.

Then you would include home town in the domain name, i.e. and also in the meta data, title/tags/alt images and any blog posts.

You should also be optimizing your website or blog for 'plumber near me' as that's what most people will search.

You can apply this idea to whatever your niche, doctor seamstress, doggie day care, etc.

When someone searches 'near me' with a keyword such as plumber, park, doctor, etc then those businesses from the local map with contact info will be presented to user in search.

If you don't have a website, you can still get business listings with your contact info from Google, Yelp and other business directories.

These listings should appear in search if properly optimized for your city name.

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Thank you Beverly for your response I appreciate it. It helps alot

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