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I just wanted to provide you all with some tips when buying PBN links and other types of links.
Here is some do's and dont's. READ CAREFULLY.

1. Never ever point a PBN link to your Money site URL.
2.Only point PBNs to your second tier links.
3.Always make sure that ever PBN link you order and point to your URLs is on a completly different hosting server. Not just different IPs
4.Make sure PBNs or on class 3 subnets
5.Never. EVER add anymore than 5 PBN links per month.
6.Make sure to not buy PBN links that have a lower DA than 30

General backlink rules to applys to all types of backlinks.

1.Never create more than 80 new backlinks to your website per month
2.Always look for the highest DA and DR number backlinks you can find.
3.If you are running a professional website and you are buying backlinks. Always ask the seller and make sure the backlinks are not on adult or porn sites
4. Never trust or buy links from a seller who tell you they will get you ranked on page 1 of Google. This is impossbile and there is many other factors that Google count when deciding where to place your website. This includes quality content and freash content. If you want your backlinks to start working you will need to make a blog on your website and create at least two new blogs per week. One blog needs to be at least 300 words and the other blogs needs to be 500+ words. If you are not doing this or creating fresh content and pages at the same time you new ordered backlinks wont work or do anything. Backlinks alone do NOT rank a website.
5. TOTALLY avoid content spinning. You must write real content. Google can completly detect content spinning and they will demote your website.

Keep in mind!

Googles guidelines and policies CLEARLY indicate that buying backlinks is in breach of Googles rules. If they catch you buying backlinks or can start to see spammy low quality backlinks they can demote you or even derank you and be removed from google completly. So never buy low quality links and never create more than 80 per month or they will catch you.

So. PLEASE think of these things before you buy your next backlink.

I hope this helps and saves alot of peoples hard work and money from going down the drain because Google caught you! 

Happy website building everyone! 

P.S Never ever trust anyone who says they will get you to number 1 in Google. Unless you have hudrends of thoundands of dollars to spend on marketing its never going to happen. 
If it costs a company $100,000 per year to stay on the top in Google. What do you thing $5 is going to get you??? NOTHING


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