Discard a used custom offer

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Discard a used custom offer

My client sent me a custom offer And I accepted & completed that.

Later he purchased the same offer without my acceptance.

Now I want to discard that offer so that he has to send the offer again. & when I'll get free from other tasks, I can accept that.

Is it possible, anyhow?


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Please report anything like this to the support staff. They should have a way to remove unwanted or old custom offers.

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Thanks. I'll try to reach them if I face the situation again.

Maybe, if a seller could sent the custom offer, seller can control the offer.

Moreover, sellers have to wait for buyer's custom offer in finalizing a order.

Sometimes buyers ask seller to sent him custom offer but we have to apologise for that and ask them back.

I hope Admins will notice this from a seller perspective.

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