Requirements for level two

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Requirements for level two

Hello, What's the requirements in the following requirement for level 2 from level 1?
Completed 10 orders


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  • Completed/Purchased/Affiliated 10 orders on time
  • Have no infractions (follow the rules)
  • Your email must be verified
  • You must associate a phone number with your account
  • Login often (once per 14 days)
  • The account is at least 7 days old
  • t completed sale/purchase/affiliate sale is at least 30 days old
  • Have a 90% rating or higher
  • Seller Completed one payment withdrawal that is 20 days old
  • Seller 72 hour or less response time
also, you can read other user levels here user levels

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yes completed 10 order to achieve level 2 seller

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