My winning strategy for business plan, what you need to know

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My winning strategy for business plan, what you need to know

First think about online or offline sales.
For online selling you need to make it more time and a better plan about the current trend. 'what is the current trend' and 'how it become achieve to compete and reach in high potential'. Definitely it needed to spend some more time, yes worthy time. and more knowledge and experience from own and other experienced peoples surrounding to you and online peoples.

In offline sales the benefit is ready product and ready money. The customers we can directly see, talk and sell. Always look the customer need and the common need in that surroundings area. That need you can convert to sell. I mean the commodity. Yes and a very good response in the terms of Goodwill returns the customers into profit and doubles. Offline sales, the commodity, which commodity need to sell and the peoples daily need in that surroundings area, is a must to watch and apply. And some other commodities you can sell easily with the current trending commodity there. The main thing 'what is the customer need' that need transform business. this is what i seen and studied from other people selling better commodities in offline business. but in online business things are different and very difficult and needed more time for a smart work


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This is great man. Kudos. More wins to your business plan. Thanks for the post.

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