How to encourage orders?

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How to encourage orders?

I see a lot of people asking how to get more orders.  But if you go outside this site and tell people on FB, Twitter, Instg, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube that this site us here and you are here, they will come.  I started digital marketing 6 months ago -- struggled with SEO but a Google rep helped me with that, then Traffic, working incredibly long days on all social platforms to grow organic traffic.  1-2 visits a day (visits not buyers or subscribers) to start... agonizing.  If I had know of this site 6 months ago, my hair wouldn't be grey now.  :0). Go pull people in here and specifically to your link then ask them to share once you give amazing service!????


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Very good advice. And a lot of Marketplace sellers rely upon users already on site to generate sales. But many of those buyers already have buy from their regular sellers/services and may not be looking for anything new.

Especially important if you can use your own affiliate link, that person will be your affiliate. Then any affiliate commission will go back to you. That's 10% more money in your pocket.

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You are right! If all sellers can do that, it will be helpful to all...

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