Please provide constructive criticism on my service listing

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Please provide constructive criticism on my service listing


I have recently started my journey as a seller here and I look forward to learning (and improving) from the more experienced members. 
>>> This is the link to my second listing on SEOClerk

1. I am not getting any sales or any enquiries either. 
2. I am doing boosts twice a day

Can you please suggest what can be improved, how can I get more sales quickly and how to make it a better experience for the buyers overall?



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here some tips which help me a lot
1 Boost your Service daily
2 active online
3 Ask your Buyers to give a rating about service

Having the perfect sales page is like a good 3-course meal. First, you want the starter which is your title and header description. It needs to be well punctuated and well pronounced containing everything it needs to and no more. Then you have the mains which are the part of your sales page that explains exactly what the service is, what you’ll be doing and what the customer gets etc. Then you have the dessert which could be your guarantee and contact details etc. It all needs to be well laid out, nicely and correctly formatted, no sloppy spelling mistakes or grammar errors. If you’re not a native English writer/speaker then get someone who is to proofread it for you.

So having a good sales page will help you to sell more but its only half the trick. You will need to have a well-established profile as well and be a Level 3 seller at the minimum if you are to really stand a chance of getting the buyers. And to do that you’ll have to meet those minimum requirements once again as well. Fortunately, these requirements that SEOClerks have set out are not that hard to get and many people have managed to meet them all quite quickly and go on to sell many services.

Know that it’s not just recommended to level up as a seller because of the rating it gives you but doing so actually gives you more and more benefits each time too. SEOClerks have dedicated a whole page to explaining User Levels and what the minimum requirements of how to attain each are here

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That's a great question and a lot of sellers are asking the same question. Your service has a good title and description and yet you may not receive sales. You've got a lot of great component elements including screenshot proofs, infographics, etc.

One issue that I'm seeing is that your buy now button is at the bottom. Of course, there's a order button on the side but it's small and might not be seen by all users.

Put a big buy button just above the 'amazing results' image so that it's the first thing your buyer sees.

Your description looks good but it's a little busy with all the images. That's not a bad thing, assuming your buyer has time to view it all.

Maybe pare down the images, to just one or two so there's less to view.

My suggestion would be to move the LordLoki infographic first (under the written text).

Here are some other suggestions for earning sales.

Let's assume you are boosting your services daily.

You've posted this service in the Link Pyramid category

There's a lot of competition in that category not only from other big sellers, but also several other category featured services. Your buyers may opt for a highly rated service before a new service or choose a seller with many ratings. Consider posting your service in a slightly less popular category which doesn't have other category featured services. In that way, your service will always be on top.

The key to getting more sales is to go directly to your potential buyers and tell them about your service.

Let's say that you've seen a buyer rating on a competitor's service. You can contact that buyer to make a legitimate inquiry.

For instance, you might offer a free backlink for the buyer or a sample report, free guide that you've written which provides useful information to the buyer, etc.

What makes this different than typical spam is that you already know the buyer is interested in similar services to what you're offering.

Take time to write a unique, not copy/paste message, to avoid pm restriction.

If the buyer responds back, you can then tell more about your available services.

Another technique is to bid on open jobs, then contact the buyer with information regarding your skills.

Go here and bid on a Job related to SEO and/or backlinking or local SEO (whatever is related to your usual services)

Once you have created a bid, then you will have a legitimate reason to contact that buyer.

You can offer the buyer via pm several options 1) accept my bid 2) create a custom order 3) purchase my service (send link).

In addition, you can also promote your services off site, such as via your own Facebook page, groups, Pinterest etc. Just be sure you're not spamming and every post complies with the rules of the third party site.

Once you have some buyers, stay in contact so you can receive their follow up business.

Offer a small freebie to the buyer to refer their friends to your services.

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Thank you Beverly! This was such a good and actionable answer from you.
There are so many golden nuggets here - I am feeling confident already!

Thank you so much for taking the time and putting such an elaborate suggestion. I am sure this will help me.
Keep rocking!


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Hi, You can boost Daily Share On Social Media Also Bids On Jobs These Methods You can Use.

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