What is the best way to promote free registration to a platform for affiliate marketers?

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What is the best way to promote free registration to a platform for affiliate marketers?

I am new and I have a landing page promoting registration to a free platform with lifetime access for creating webpages, landing pages, and sales funnels. What is the best way to promote this kind of page? Hope some gurus out there can give some tips.


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It will depend on what your affiliate program is about. And remember as an affiliate, your job is to convince someone that your affiliate product or service is worth buying. The best way to do that is by loving the product yourself. And I know you mentioned a free sign up, but I'll first start by referencing a free trial sign up.

For instance, i love Netflix and have been a subscriber for over fifteen years, going back to the early days of DVD subscription. I can tell you anything you want to know about their content. I am a product evangelist, winning people to Netflix. And I've recommended a lot of my friends to them as it's a quality service. And that's the key, start with a good product that serves a useful purpose and about half the work is done for you. If i were a Netflix affiliate, it would be easy for me to get others to sign up for the Netflix subscription. Not only because they offer a free 2 week trial but also because of all the great content. These type of affiliate products lend themselves easily to exciting blog or tumblr content. Just be sure you're using recommendations inside your written content to drive your site visitors to the third party site.

Now, of course, you're asking how to promote free registration. That is a little tougher unless the site you are referring people to has not only the free sign up but also a little bonus for sign up. After all, the free sign up sites are dime a dozen and most people won't want to share email as they know they'll get spammed later.

For instance, some point reward sites like Swagbucks offers not only a free sign up but also 300 points equal to free $3 on the new user's balance. That is a strong incentive for many savvy shoppers.

Of course, you can apply this principle to any free sign up site.

If you already have a content-rich site, you're well on your way to free affiliate sign ups. If not, create a Tumblr today.

You may also have the option to link your Pinterest pins to an affiliate link. And if not, then you can create a landing page on your website that users click through which will then capture their email before sending them to the free affiliate sign up site.

There's a lot of information out there on the internet covering this topic, take some time to research and read.

And finally, don't just direct users to the third party site. Find a way to capture their email address first. In that way, you can later advertise your other affiliate and free sign up sites to them.

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You can set up a website with regular content updates.
and you need proper onpage/offpage SEO also to get targeted traffic


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