What I love (or not so much) about the new theme

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What I love (or not so much) about the new theme

This new theme from certain angles, aspects, scenarios, features and benefits. Of what could be and looks like a shining beacon of great positive change on the horizon that could grow the population to bigger levels. Given a chance!!..

Call me an optimist! But for the theme I think potentially, I hope with some confidence, definitely possibly maybe it could fulfill a purpose and its meaning and potential. I don't see why not.. As long as and especially still if it's easier for buyers. It's all about the buyers. Making it easier/better for them. Of course the sellers need a good experience too. But I see the potential in it and for both sides benefiting from it in the long run. Despite a possible few bumps in the road...

Even though it has it's setbacks for some, (really not sure how it would impact sales tbh time will have to tell..)... it looks like it has the potential to go on to become a positive thing for all / the marketplace (in the long run). I mean it's worth a shot if it does I guess? I understand there's more to it like the other reasons for a change. To keep up with new web standards etc. To get a face and all that. I don't think it will really harm the site at all in the long run since the site could look much worse and just as much people would still use it.. lol.. It's not really about that as much, the look etc, as much as it's been a place to freelancers to get hired or to find someone to hire. As long as that is made as user friendly and as swift and easy as possible, if not more, then the better I say. Yeah it's all about as long as it's easier for buyers and improves the population then definitely!

For me personally I actually like it and sort of prefer in some ways as it's just new and I like new things! I find it works just as easy for me on desktop and mobile. More or less... Some things more others not. I noticed alerts don't open in a popup anymore and forwarded me to the alerts page.. That sucker can take a while to load or used to noticed it I never visit that page if I can help it and I've got military grade RAM haha! I'm not sure how much more of yours it would eat forwarding everyone to that page all the time either lol. But yeah, that was like okay.. Still the theme is sort of swifty to use. More less is more, but a bit strange. Like when I go to my sales or orders page I don't want to see that big menu first I just want to see my orders and that straight away. Some other little things like that. The menu was another thing oh and the way orders pages are displayed. Oh and my services page wouldn't let me scroll to page 2 it kept saying not found! My first bug reporting sir.

I would like to see some features back/changed (new bump rules huh?) =D but do appreciate and like some of the new features like the stats that's cool / interesting... I think we all asked for them a while back? How long does it track/record for and can I create reports from it? And couple other things were nice too and thought the front end looked nicer than before in some ways. Plus like the ways services and freelancers page etc were listed, the sorting options, as well as inside orders / sales pages etc.. And I liked the new step by step process of adding new services etc too. I could probably get used to it without it killing me if I had to. But I noticed that after a while of using it, some features I wanted to use weren't available to me in it and I wasn't finding I was liking some elements and the whole management processes as much / as efficiently? Not sure. I've actually ended up reverting to old theme myself for now.. shhh =D

Was waiting for a thread like this or where we can make bug reports and make suggestions and requests for features etc. Obv in the hopes that yeah, that would all happen! Would be good if we can get some hardcore SEOClerk'ers to trial out the new theme and give it a good shake and see what breaks sort of thing to get the kinks and creases ironed out as they say! I say yes to that and do get those missing features back in you can. I'll have to give it another go myself and make a note of anything else I'd like to see added / readded / changed.. But yeah, wait see what other people say and as of yet if any have anything I'd love to hear it as I'm sure would the team. Release the kraken! I just hope that it's for a good reason and works out positively for the site/marketplace and everyone here in the long run and into the future.

For others then though, not liking it so much so far. Or so it seems so far? I'm hearing some back beat from some that seem to be struggling and worried about the new theme changes and fearing for the future because of it all and that's understandable. You're fearing the worst and not seeing all the positives and potentials and the bigger picture maybe. Call me an optimist lol Just my take... Are you not a little excited and intrigued about it as well though? Like look at the bigger picture. If it does work out well you might immediately at first for a while. Like when there's any bump in the road (they come and go all the time? but in time, they would pick up though because of it. If that was the case. Then that would be a good thing worth trying to do..

Probably because of the new theme/features etc. And of course, go on to improve sales etc in time because of it. I mean, that's the whole point of it at the end of the day let's say it. To add more relevant features for today's web users etc. I keep saying that but how true actually is that like? It just figures.. Just to improve the site and attract more people, connecting more buyers with more freelancers. Making it easier for them better for us. It's gotta really be all about the buyer. So that go on to make more sales orders and revenue from it in the long run down the road. If that's the case, and that is how it turns out then bring it on! It's just that it and if it's just that it needs that refinement and ironing out and good bug feedback and reports, suggestions etc from people using it for that to happen. Which yeah, is a bit of a bump to take and get to grips with but is worth going over a few bumps if it means going down a better road in a better vehicle then so be it!!! =D

My actual experience was a sort of oh sweet! A new theme to try out this sounds uber futuristic. Enables it and mooches around. I'm like oh wait, mmm, well, this is interesting / different. Tries it for a while. Looked nice front end and dashboard looks good everything I need and stuff, could about get around and do stuff as normal. Though did find and do have some certain features missing. Felt a bit unusual too. I wasn't doing well with the notifications... and order processing and that was alright and could do it all pretty much. But just them features I needed/wanted. So eventually switches back to old theme.. Ah this looks more like home. Hello beautiful familiar somehow more easier to navigate navigation menu and hello compact lists and certain features and abilities. You're all swifty with me just as you are. Never change please. Don't ever go doing anything crazy like changing the look and or theme of the site. Ever. Only crazy people do things like that and not mega bright companies that know a thing or two about a thing or two. Yes, it's not broken and therefore it doesn't need fixing.. Ah that's sort of better again in a way, I can get around and get things done much quicker now despite trying on that little number properly. It was okay for a while but missed those features I have so got used to and become so adjusted to just the way they are. Ah well, at least I can use the site as before again now as I liked to use it and do all the things I wanted to do, as I wanted to do them. Even though I have this yearning for some of the features and things I've just seen.

But then, this is only for me as a seller I'm looking at it. I'm not sure what it would mean from a/my buyers perspective. Will it negatively effect sales and or my ability to provide a good service to people? Not sure not sure... I don't care about how ugly or clunky or hard to manage it is really. I would do it all on command line if I had to. But it's sure nice not to and better when it's easy on the eyes and my cognitive abilities and ability to accept and adopt to changes easily lol.. But as long as it's better/easier for the buyer and goes on to make sellers more sales. Even if have to swallow it. Then cool man, that's cool man I'm cool with that! =) Maybe I really should give that puppy a longer spin as it's probably going to be forced upon me eventually anyway? lol.. Will it be changeable forever? Maybe with other themes we can swap through in teh future? That would be cosmic.

So yeah I get people's qualms and that, it's bound to resound. But after a while, I'm looking at it, I'm thinking about it differently now.. As I said I think potentially, I hope with some confidence definitely possibly maybe.. And if that could happen, that would be good if it did of course! We would be singing it's praises then! But in order for that to happen, I understand you got to understand there's a process of refinement, tweaking and twerking, bashing and sanding until you get it right with/for everyone. And hopefully be a good upgrade for all. But how can they/we know unless we try it. And I always have confidence that they are in full control anyway! Always! Kind of like the Illuminati. Kind of.

It's always just the way it goes eventually though it happens it's the law of change right? Websites simply just have to change and evolve with the times over time else if they don't, they lose out on the ability to have features and benefits which web users require and demand today/tomorrow. And then they lose out. They get left behind in the dust trying to play catch up until they are eventually forced to admit that they need to modernise or get left behind! It happens! It's happening right now and we're in the thick of it! Embrace the thickness my friend embrace it! We're moving forward. We're going onwards and upwards and to infinity and beyond! =D

So sure, like any change or transition of any kind there are always going to be people who see it in some sort of negative or derisory way whether at first or at some point because of some reason(s). That's just how it goes when you upgrade and update your website. The software used, the protocols and services behind it that make it all come together. But that's just how it goes you just have to change and roll with the times if you want to survive in the long run. From a longevity perspective. It's all about the longevity of the platform that is always usually done from user orientated point of view. Even if there's some bumps in the road on the way.

You gotta roll with the punches as they say right!? And, as a website, you have to try new things see what works, what don't to find something that does even if it means putting some bees in some of your best users bonnets! Watch out for them bees! Of what is an awesome freelancer's marketplace and likely will be for many years to come. Since the SEO / freelance work employment and recruitment industry is growing ever larger and the Internet is evolving into new changed standards and you have to adapt to get with it when it happens. Try out them new things, get that feedback, see what to do in the long run. Be dynamic. Be all you can be! Be there or be square! lol..

Sorry for the long post lol. I'm just spit balling, I just wanted to say that and put that out there. I honestly hope that it helps any users out of it unsure about it and sort of say what I thought basically everyone is basically thinking..? Also say my take on it like.. Hope it makes anyone feel bit better / more optimistic positive about it. Trying to be that way about it for myself, for everyone! I think it could be a positive thing and if that does work out better in the long run because of it I that's something we can all agree on and could hope and wish for that is worth trying and seeing.

But how will you know if you don't try?

Hey, what's the worst that could happen? If it all goes south that's what backups are for!??

Bring it on see how it goes I positively hope it all works out better in the long run for everyone and the whole marketplace & freelance industry.

I think a lot of people will like the new theme just because it's new! =D

New visitors wont even have a clue anyway!

Cheers and to all your success!

Ideal Mike.

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I miss Tommy Carey and his quality articles, His articles are so easy to read and understand. I love to read his articles whenever I see some attentive niche articles on of Tommy Carey. I miss him so much!.

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Surely, If I say I am very upset with this new theme, I never liked this theme.
in past when they launched new theme that time option also they provide to use old theme.
but after some time they had make the default as new theme.

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