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What is Affiliate option

Hello Everyone

I am a new freelancer. I hope everybody helps me. Please tell me What is Affiliate marketing?


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Affiliate marketing is one kind of marketing. provide a platform for all of us to sell our services and buy services from other peoples. You can help them to get new members here as a buyer or, a seller. When they buy or, sell something you will get a commission.

In other websites, they sell their products. If you sell their products, they will give you commissions.
The process of earning commissions is called affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate option

Seoclerks give a link for everyone, you can get it from here. You can see 'Your affiliate link' on this page. You can get your link from this page too. You can get promotional resources from here. Banners of different size. I can show you a demo here-

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What is Affiliate option
You can show this banner and link for your affiliate link anywhere in the web to attract new sellers or, buyers. I hope you understand.

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Let me get some clarity please. You are asking what exactly affiliate marketing is or how to become an affiliate on this platform. Right?

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