More People are actively using the Internet right now than ever but are Buying less Digital stuff Online during the Lockdowns

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More People are actively using the Internet right now than ever but are Buying less Digital stuff Online during the Lockdowns

It's no doubt that everyone is feeling the pinch of the plague, no matter where they are in the world, if you are not totally devastated by the Pandemic, then you are at least affected in some way. Detailed information about the Virus and How to protect yourself is already available on the web. There is also plenty of useful information on this community forum so please take your time to check. Am not going into detailed stats. (just type into Google the phrase "Covid-19 Live stats" and you will get all the information you may need) You may probably be receiving information about the virus from your TV, Radio or Web Podcast Portal right now. I wish you all good health.

As a result of the lockdowns caused by the COVID-19, More people are busier Online than ever. Since billions of people are forced to stay indoors 24 hours a day,Seven days a week, they have no better place to kill boredom other than finding a way to amuse themselves Online,  so traffic to top Social Networks and other Popular sites has exploded in the past few months.

Even though more people are active online now than ever, they are spending less and less. People are now more cautious with their purchases. With the thought of a future economic crisis looming above their heads, they hold the funds in their hands more tightly, the little money they have left in their pockets they choose to spend it wisely, and that will be only on the essentials, they will use it to buy fruits, bread and milk for their young ones. They know at the back of their heads that tough times are waiting ahead for them, they know that should they blunder, even for a second, they will definitely find themselves in serious quagmire.

Those affected include Freelancers and Affiliate Marketers alike. We thought we could get our way around this crisis, we were only fooling ourselves. When internet entrepreneurs saw businesses both large and small closing in their neighborhoods, they said to themselves, "Oh that’s sad, but we are not going to be affected because we are based online. The Lockdowns are not going to put our businesses offline, because we deal with digital stuff, not physical goods that need employees with a physical presence to manage the logistics." Or so blindly we thought.

We forgot the fact that the people who were depended on those businesses that are now under lockdown are the same people that frequently bought our digital Products. The same people that were working as accountants, cashiers, clerks & supplies managers are now staying at home with no income, they were our best customers. Since their paychecks stopped coming in, and their future at their old place of work looks uncertain, they have stopped buying our digital goods. The little money they have left will be spent on "more important goods" and not on some silly digital products. In some places basic household items are dwindling or have completely run out of stock.

How can an affiliate marketer brag about his fabulous sales copies at such a time, when people have learned to pinch pennies just to survive? For affiliate marketers of digital goods, this is not a time to blast your subscribers with tons of emails asking them to buy something from you. For someone who is grieving the loss of a job, business or loved one needs not to be annoyed with a sales pitch. I bet that even if you offer a Ninety Percent discount, you will still see a drastic drop in sales.

I received an email from one of my subscribers a short while ago, asking me  to stop sending her offers, I  had been sending messages to  her together with the other subscribers in my mailing list giving them offer after offer, informing them of the incredible discounts I have made available for them. She probably got offended by the sudden influx of emails from our studios and decided to unsubscribe, "Next time you send me one of your over-hyped sales pitch, it will go straight to the spam Folder," she wrote back angrily. I have therefore decided to halt all my email marketing messages and wait in patience for what may come, for a future that looks uncertain, a future that appears very bleak indeed.

How are You affected? How is your Freelance Biz Performing this year?


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Dear Henry
How i trust you are doing good.
This issue of lockdown is affecting the world ???? Globally.
My advice for all the affiliate and other online bussines are restructure the services and make sure the price is not in high.
I pray to God Almighty to safe us from this covid-19

Best wishes

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Yeah! every online entrepreneur needs to rethink this digital marketing business altogether...

Best Wishes ffaithful

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Great! I have an article that can help as well, Find it out here

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Hi onofrecherish
I have read your article, it's quiet good. One thing though, visitors need to have the option to reject the cookie request or close the Cookie notifications window altogether if they wish so, People are very concerned about their privacy these days and they will avoid any website that asks them to let themselves be tracked online. There is a Cookie-Phobia lingering around many web communities nowadays.
That's just my Opinion anyway, Good Luck!

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So vactoriaansoun I believe your fashion outlet has been greatly affected right now.


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