Wellness Check-in - CoronaVirus, COVID 19

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Wellness Check-in - CoronaVirus, COVID 19

Hey to all the SEOClerks/Ionicware Community, buyers and sellers. Just wanted to do an informal wellness check-in to see how it's going in your area with the COVID-19, CoronaVirus epidemic. How is this impacting your life, business, family? Please feel free to share.

I'm including some useful links for anyone not up to speed on the outbreak, also some information on staying healthy. We depend on you all to keep our Community alive. Please take care of yourself and family, be healthy, be safe. Best wishes to you all.

courtesy of:

Older adults and people who have severe underlying chronic medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes seem to be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness. Please consult with your health care provider about additional steps you may be able to take to protect yourself.

Know How it Spreads

  • There is currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).
  • The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus.
  • The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person.
    1. Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet).
    2. Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.
    3. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs.

The CoronaVirus spreads person to person, usually close contact though some evidence suggests the virus can live on surfaces for hours. To avoid spreading infection or being infected practice common sense prevention.

Please check the authoritative guide and I've included some practical suggestions (most things you would do for prevention of any common illness)

(this video is from Jan 31 2020, lots of updates since, though it will give you the basics of the virus plus what you can do to protect yourself)

Not an all inclusive list, feel free to add your suggestions

When in public, don't touch surfaces.
Shelter in place, in your home to avoid exposure to the virus.
Self quarantine if you feel ill (work from home, avoid unnecessary visits to public places)
Postpone non-emergency travel or gatherings including weddings, reunions, etc where large groups of people will gather
Wash your hands often
Practice social distancing, at least six feet distance from others when in public
Avoid places where lots of people are gathering, such as clubs, concerts, etc.
Cover coughs and sneezes (use a disposable tissue not your hand).
Wash 'sick' clothing/bedding/linens, anything that may have been exposed to virus or germs
Stay at home if you're feeling sick
Inform your health care worker IF you suspect you were exposed or have recently traveled to a high infection rate area, i.e. China, Italy, Iran.

Disinfect surfaces in your local environment, i.e. desk, counters, doorknobs, any place that might be touched by more than one person
Avoid touching face, nose, eyes.

You may be infected even if you don't feel sick.

Stay healthy, there are currently no vaccines and (according to sources) antibiotics are not effective except for treating underlying conditions

Some experts are recommending not to be tested IF you are not experiencing symptoms as these tests are rare and should be saved for those exhibiting symptoms

Resources are limited, stock up for what you feel you need but use sensible guidelines to ensure your neighbors have adequate supplies too.

Most importantly, know the facts. Do you own due diligence and research in regards to infection rate in your local community. Rely on authoritative sources to guide you, not the local news or social media.

Authoritative links to help you prepare (please suggest more links below and I will add them here)

I am editing this thread to include some authoritative videos from the CDC - Centers for Disease Control. They have the latest information on COVID-19. You can visit their channel on Youtube. Please share the videos online with your friends, family, neighbors. Take the responsible step to inform others in your local community. We can all do our part to prevent the person-to-person spread.

It might be a little unconventional, but I wanted to update this thread to include a light-hearted demonstration on why it's important to wash hands properly (sanitize surfaces) and practice social distancing. Especially good for all your hand shakers.


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Hi Beverly
Our country Bangladesh get stuck recently but still not out of control. We feel doubt the step of government of our country. Because they are not such liable for people of republic. As well our country people not such conscious about covid 19. Most of the taking it silly, which very alarming for us. Government disclose only 14 people infected who came from abroad recently. One death out of 14. We get panic but believe Allah. He will safe us. InshaAllah. Business getting down too. Hope everything will be fine within month.
Take care everybody.

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Hi Ajlancer, thanks for being the first to respond. Lack of knowledge is the biggest killer. Stay informed, even if local officials are not giving you the whole story.

I am attaching a link for local information which you (or other sellers in that area) may find useful.

It's also useful to read how other areas have/are handling the virus and the progress.

In my particular state, we went from 1 infected to 197 confirmed cases in a short time.

It's important to know the symptoms, which can manifest 2 - 14 days after exposure. And this is what makes the virus so contagious.

A person might have been exposed to the virus and not be showing symptoms but still being infectious, come into contact with dozens others (including family) before their own symptoms manifest.

If you know someone who has been confirmed positive for COVID-19, consider that you may have also been exposed (if you share common environment or local community). And if so, minimize exposure to others in your home/work/community until you are sure you have not been infected.

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Thanks for your useful tips .

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Hi Seorobiul34, let us know how this COVID-19 (coronavirus) is affecting your local community and what safeguards you are taking to protect yourself and family/household from infection.

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Disinfect surfaces in your local environment, i.e. desk, counters, doorknobs, any place that might be touched by more than one person
Avoid touching face, nose, eyes.

This is the very much important information newly.
Thanks a lot for sharing a beautiful articles with huge and huge information.
Hope God will save us everyone of this marketplace community.
Every time we need to follow the hand wash rules and 6 feet rules.

In this country we are wearing masks when we are outside.
Here one more precaution is about not to touch pet animals.
Its I saw some days ago on local country.

I am happy by getting the details infos.


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Thanks Centurion, that's great advice. It's always important to practice basic hygiene/sanitation practices when handling pet or farm animals or after visiting live markets.

Here is some useful information in regards to animals/pets and the coronavirus.

So far, no reported cases of pet to human transmission. Though there is some worry that an infected human may expose a pet/companion animal to the virus.

As they suggested,

When handling and caring for animals, basic hygiene measures should always be implemented. This includes hand washing before and after being around or handling animals, their food, or supplies, as well as avoiding kissing, licking or sharing food.

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That is great.
This instruction will help me a lot.
I have pet pigeons for the last 14 months. I give them food 2 times. For the last few days I am keeping distance and cleaning hands everytime. Using masks. I have saw the caution about pet animal in this country:BD. One has been identified death. We are all following cleaning method. But this country is densely populated country. Maximum time staying at home

I shall be more careful about pet pigeons. I shall follow the 6 feet and all of the instructions for saving my life community and well wishers.

May be you too.


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We are from Sri Lanka. Our country situation is very seriously , Please pray for us ,

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Best wishes. Be safe. Stay indoors. Protect yourself and your loved ones. Don't risk infection by socializing in public. It's not worth the risk.

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Here in Bosnia, situation is not so bad as in many countries around us. Many preventive measures are undertaken to minimize number of infected people by coronavirus and there is really only few cases so far, hope it will be ok because weather is warming up and it will help too. Most of us are in self insulation and going out really minimally...

Please everyone, stay at home and keep your self as safe as possible. We have this great "work at home" (freelancing) work to do anyway. I know, for many people business is down, and it may be even worst, but main thing is to survive and stay healthy.

My prayers are with all countries and people, and God bless you...

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Thank you, same to you. Keep yourself and your family safe.

My main worry is that cases of infected are being under reported by local government or infected people aren't being diagnosed because they don't think they are sick/contagious. If a person thinks they are contagion free, they will continue to get out, associate or mingle, go to work, stores and can infect dozens others in the local environment.

It's not a conspiracy, just lack of testing. Or, people not knowing (or being informed) they are sick.

Not every locale is equipped to mass test tens of thousands of people or even care for the sick. Until just a few days ago, they were only able to do 50 tests a day here, now it's scaled up to thousands of tests daily being processed.

And some communities are informed of the health risks by local officials but living in ignorance, with people still going out into public with friends, socializing. People just have to get it into their head, this is real, something to worry about.

This virus spreads really fast, from almost none infected to thousands in a short time. All from person to person contact. For instance here, on Feb 9, 1 reported/confirmed case of infection.

As of today March 19
The CDC says 10,442 confirmed infected

Though another source says 11355

As more tests are being done, they're finding more infected.

This situation is fluid, so it's important to stay informed of the latest news and developments.

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Absolutely Beverly your Point is correct, coronavirus is a dangerous virus and there is no vacancies for it.
and Believe in your God and believe in Him, Allah, we will be safe forever

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Thanks Beverly,
Hope this panic situation will end soon and already affected people will recovered from it. Everyone should eat such foods to increase immunity power. It becomes a great challenge to human being to stay exist.

In seoclerk, we have the best platform to run business to maintain isolation to stop further spreading of such virus.


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today pakistan second died and total cases patient corona virus 304 all pakistan cities lock down and open only super market and medicine store.... ????

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Best wishes to you all. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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Oh you are just too good .Thanks for share some significant tips. And Lucky still it under control but we are highly afraid if it will be expanded. May Allah help us .
Stay save and save life
From Bangladesh

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May God bless all the people of the world, keep them good. CoronaVirus, COVID 19 the world people safe.Take care everybody.Thank You

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Stay safe, be well.

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To the SEOClerks/Ionicware community, buyers, and sellers.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

Subjected guideline to be followed and the statements are been given on the below link from WHO - World Health Organization

Primary link - >>

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Thank you, very useful information to stay informed with authoritative sources. As you say the WHO or World Health Organization and also here the CDC - Centers for Disease Control, all good sources for updated news.

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There is bad information and misinformation circulating. When I come across reliable information like this I reshare it. I have shared this link so that others may review it. Glad SEOClerks posts can appear publicly for the general population to access.

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Thank you so much for doing your part in helping to educate the local or online community. We appreciate your sharing our content.

I was just coming here to update also with some info from the CDC

They say the main symptoms to look for, fever, coughing, shortness of breath. Anyone with underlying or pre existing health conditions including lung disease, coronary disease, even diabetes are more at risk. Even children/teens are at risk, despite what they had previously reported.

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Keep track of local/US cases here, including an interactive map reporting for each US state

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Hi Beverly
Thank You for Very Useful Tips
In My Country now Almost Every work now Become "Remote Working" Because of COVID-19
Also, School Now Become Remote Class.
I Hope COVID-19 Will not Spread Among to us.

Also, Because I am Still Student, My School now becomes Remote Class and We Study From Home.
God Bless Us...

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Hello Beverly,

I am a New Member on Your Websites. You Know and Also I Know Now Whole Over The World Attacked in Corona Virus. I am a Proud Member in This Website. I was Thinking When You Give us Tips on Corona Virus. I am a New Member But I want to Stay Here Permanently and I want to Earn Much Money.I hope You will Give Me That Opportunity As Though I will Success in You in Your Sites. As a New Member I don't Know Everything on Your Websites. Please Give Me Some Tips and Link Where I Know All The Steps on SeoClerk. I want to Talk You Personally Via GMAIL or Inbox in SeoClerk. Please Remember My Issue and Help Mee.

Finally Thanks For Your Wonderful Tips About Corona Virus.


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Hello and Salam to all First of all Thanks Beverly Its always a pleasure how SEOclerks staff is always concerned about the Seoclerks community. This Discussion will definitely help a lot as there are members from almost every corner of the world who will update the situation in their countries and aware themselves from the safety measures you shared.

I live in Pakistan as of today 450+ effected by COVID-19 and 3rd patient died today. May God prevent us all in this epidemic situation worldwide. My wishes to all the SEOclerks community and especially staff members who are still managing to provide us best support in the lockdown situation worldwide which is very helpful to the freelances working from home and making money and not have to go outside in this lockdown situation.

Here is Pakistan government and military are taking every possible steps to prevent this virus from spreading. Military is playing a huge role to prevent this viral spread. My brother in Law is a Doctor in Military and now he is almost on duty 24/7 along with civilian hospitals. We are satisfied with the measures taken by our government and hoping that this epidemic will soon be over.

Try best not go outside unnecessarily specially in crowded places to minimize the chances of spread.

Thanks Beverly for the nice safety tips and detailed awareness message. My prayers and wishes to all May God protect us all.

Best Regards
Farah Khan

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Please be safe and, if possible, stay indoors.
Btw, i get more Thick 3-Ply Medical Masks and N95 Masks for you. plz give me a message if you or your friends need. thanks

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Hi Beverly,
Thanks for sharing this thread I hope everyone doing well and staying at their homes and keep washing their hands.
Let me introduce myself, My name is Mary David and I'm 18 years old. I start my SEO career as an intern and working at Maven Digital a Mobile App Development agency in Dubai and studying while doing an internship Wellness Check-in - CoronaVirus, COVID 19 .
Hope everyone stays at their homes and please avoid to go to the outside if you want to go to the outside to buy some or maybe something else please wear Mask and glove and keep the hand sanitizer in the bag and whenever you touched something (if you are not wearing a glove) put the hand sanitizer on your hands at the moment.
Stay at your Homes and stay safe.

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Looks like Trump just stuck us in our houses for another 30 days :'(

I see why it had to be done :'(

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Our country started an all out curfew 12 days ago and still the condition looks dire. Worst thing is business via offline means is zero for so many including me. Hope everything returns to normal....

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Hi Beverly
Already CORONA VIRUS is Spread our country. our country have found 58 people who are infected to this virus and 6 people has died. today i have included a team in our upazila for providing food to the poor people in our locality. it is very hard time for us. our country have not enough capacity to insure all people for food in this time for poor people. but The rich people and various business groups, Various Corporate House rising their hand for helping people who are poor and not capable for their daily needs. Our country have not enough PPE and Other Safely Related equipments for Physicians and health workers who are taking care for The patient But Our Government is trying to control the present situation. Our country is lockdown for 15 days. please pray for us and our country. be safe and increase your hand for other people for increasing Awareness and also help the people who are not capable to manage their daily needs. Thank You Sir And Take Care.

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Thanks for the post. Here in Panama, we're in complete lockdown and I couldn't leave the country even if I wanted to. The government is at least keep up with testing and keeping people inside, but it's a pain that I can't even walk my dogs.

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