how do I remove from the sandbox as it affects seo of my website

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how do I remove from the sandbox as it affects seo of my website

Some days back I saw some Japanese keyword hack has happened on our website that created autogenerated Japanese text to my site. When we typing in 

site:_your site url_
, This will show the pages that Google has indexed for your site, including the hacked pages. So that reason all the optimized keyword has vanished from search result very few are there that very far rank.

Please give a solution for how I can get back all the keyword which had optimized before and how to remove those Japanse content sites.
What if my Website is penalized by Google, and is in the Sandbox?is there any google tool available to check that. In google search console it is not showing anything related sandbox.

And if it is there how do I remove from the sandbox?


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Here are some tips on how to get out of the Google Sandbox quickly:
  1. Get Indexed Right Away. ...
  2. Social Signals. ...
  3. Traffic. ...
  4. Foundational Links. ...
  5. GMB Verification. ...
  6. Go After Low Competition/Longtail Keywords When Your Site Is in the Google Sandbox.
  7. Build Topical Relevance (Without Keyword Cannibalizing) ...
  8. Avoid Being Too Aggressive.


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