Cold emails can work well if you're not coming off as spammy

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Cold emails can work well if you're not coming off as spammy

If you're looking to send out thousands or millions of emails daily, then you need to understand that you can be successful with this or have it blow up in your face.  Sending cold email outreach campaigns to targeted individuals or businesses has been done for a long time and still works to this day.  Now, if you're sending out spammy CPA offers like "Enter to win an iPhone!" then you're not going to last long, and your sending permissions on specific platforms will be shut down quickly.

Now then, let's get into this!

Get personal with your introduction
Most of the time, an email spammer will start by saying "Hello!" or "Hi There!" and never personalize the email because they don't have the time, the skills, or they don't know your name.  What you need to do to set yourself apart is add a name or website into the introduction to make it more personal. 

You'd be amazed how often I get people contacting me because I put their name in there versus when I forget to lol.  A majority of the time, when I use someone's name, they are more pleasant to talk to because their guards are down slightly compared to when I forget to add it in, and they think I don't know who they are.

Mention the business or website
Like I touched on above, getting personal with people is a key to get them to trusting you a little more.  If you take this one step further and talk about their business name or their domain, you can get their guard down a little more because they'll see you've done a bit of research, and they know you looked at their site.  Now, you can automate this to a point and use [website] or [domain] or [business name] to auto-fill those sections if you know what you're doing, and your sending service has the options for this.

Make the content simple and to the point
Whenever I open an email, and there are 2+ paragraphs of content, I tend to avoid reading it, and I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that do the same thing.

Instead, keep your introduction emails short and sweet, so people get hooked and want more content, or they respond, asking some questions.

What I like to do is pretty simple, and it goes like this:

Hi [name],

I enjoyed reading the [blog URL here] you wrote and decided to reach out to you. I also shared it with my team, as I thought they would appreciate the points you made.

My company isn't in your industry, but we've had success in providing [your services here] services to help boost our clients' results. I'd love to share these successes with you and see what you think.

Do you have time for a chat next week?

Phone number
Company name
Company website

If you can do this, and automate what you can, you will get out a lot of emails and have them hitting inboxes left and right.  You'll also get a lot of responses, pleasant ones at that, and some of them may want to have a chat with you.  Now, if you do plan on talking with them, then you'll need to make sure you go and read that blog post you mentioned in the first email lol Cold emails can work well if you

Final Thoughts,
It doesn't matter if you're sending out 10 or 10,000 emails, you need to follow the steps above if you want to pull in leads through email marketing.  If you have plans to spam, please use a blacklist and "unsubscribe" button, but if you plan to run an outreach campaign with email marketing, then do everything right, and your time invested will pay tenfold!

Thanks for reading Cold emails can work well if you

- Tommy Carey


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