Why social proof works so well on eCommerce websites

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Why social proof works so well on eCommerce websites

When you go to a website and see someone has just purchased, it puts you at ease a little because you know you're not the first to think of making a purchase, and that's why social proof is so powerful!  Think about it; if you have little notifications showing to everyone that comes to your website, they will likely make a purchasing decision based on what those snippets say.  

You could have your orders show in real-time, load orders into a plugin or script and have them show the last six months of data, or you can fabricate reviews and social proof to boost your sales lol Why social proof works so well on eCommerce websites

No matter what you do, use social proof on your eCommerce site, and you can thank me later!

People see others making purchases
One of the main reasons people use social proof on their websites is to show someone what others are currently purchasing.  It doesn't matter if it's the same thing the user is looking at if it's a different item but in the same department, or something from a different category altogether!

Showing someone that others are making purchases on your website right now will boost your sales due to you lower a viewer's guard.  As they see the social proof start popping up, they will become more easy going and ready to make a purchase, which is what you want!

People tend to be followers when online
Everyone can be aggressive online, but when it comes to making a purchase, we tend to be hesitant.  Well, with social proof, it's like holding someone's hand and saying, "It's ok, Jane just purchased something from us, and everything is ok in the world," and that's when you might get an additional sale.

Everyone wants to be a Lion when it comes to social interaction online, but when it comes to making a purchase, they tend to be sheep and want others to go through the process first.  That's why social proof showing on your eCommerce is so important.  You take those sheep, show them it's ok, and help them make a sale lol.

Building trust is difficult to do without social proof
If your eCommerce site isn't using social proof to help boost sales, you'll likely have a difficult time building trust, and that means lower sales until you convert enough people.  

Social proof isn't a way to trick people into making a purchase, it's a way to show them it's ok to buy from you, and that's why you need to have it.  Sure, there could be scammers using social proof to convince people to buy, but those sites will die out quickly, and you'll be left with the legitimate ones lol.

You could have fake social proof and still boost sales
If you're starting and don't have any orders, but you're running a legitimate business and can be trusted, you could fake your social proof for now and start to swap it out for legitimate information as you get sales.

Yes, this seems a bit like a trickster move, but it's going to help you out immensely if you are running an amazing business.  Think about it, you could wait for those sales to come in and use them as social proof, which could take 6+ months to get enough, or you could write a few dozen fake orders and use those as social proof to boost sales from day one!  What would you do?

Final Thoughts,
Using social proof on your eCommerce website is becoming more of a standard thing today since a lot of bigger companies are beginning to jump on board.  You don't need to be a programmer to use this, you can purchase a plugin or script for a one time fee, and you'll be able to populate your site with plenty of proof that you're legitimate.  You can also purchase a plugin or script that allows you to make your social proof to boost your sales, but you'll want to start replacing the fake proof with actual proof as your orders start to come in Why social proof works so well on eCommerce websites

Thanks for reading Why social proof works so well on eCommerce websites

- Tommy Carey


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