How can I change my Rowling free theme to my own theme in WordPress?

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How can I change my Rowling free theme to my own theme in WordPress?

WordPress is a blog and Website platform that is widely used by website lovers. Now when it comes
to change or update themes. You need to know the technicalities and other
important aspects of it. These steps will help you to change your Rowling free
theme to your own theme in WordPress 

Step 1:  You need to install the new WordPress theme

Start by installing the new WordPress theme that you want to implement on your WordPress website.
You can do that by 

  • Navigate to Appearance
  •      ? Themes
  • Tap and click on Add
  •      New
  • Find your choice of theme At or
  •      you can search by typing and click on install option
Whether you buy a premium WordPress theme or if you have ZIP file, you can easily upload the
respective ZIP File by choosing Upload Theme option 

After installation of your WordPress theme, we suggest you do not press the activate button and go
to the next step

Step 2: review your New Theme through WordPress Customizer

Amazingly the WordPress customizer is a useful tool that allows you to check out your new
theme on a live preview of your website priorto activate it on the

This is useful because:

  • Provide you option to rectify any problems in
  •      widgets and menus 
  • Allow you to preview how your new theme appears
  •      with already available content 

Then after  In your WordPress Dashboard and Navigate to Appearance? Customize 

You will be able to notice the live preview of your new theme 

Press Change option 

  • You should see a live preview of your current theme
  • Click Change in the Customizer sidebar
  • Tap and click on the Live Preview option
         adjacent to the new theme that you have installed 

Step 3 now activate your theme successfully

After you confirm with settings and preview of your new Theme, you can activate your theme.

You must click on Activate & Publish to make your theme live. 

And that is all about how to change a WordPress Theme.

Moreover, if you find any issues or errors such as WordPress Error 500, then you can also get guidance from WordPress engineer.

Conclusion Several WordPressface many errors like WordPress404 Error and all that, and they get solutions for the expert. Similarly many users who want to change their WordPress theme, they can
learn it from this piece of content. This process is very easy as it is
described above, and it will help you easily how to change the theme and
install your favorite one. However, if you find any confusion in any steps then,
you can contact the Certified WordPress team.


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