Main benefits of quitting your 9-5 job and becoming a digital freelancer

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Main benefits of quitting your 9-5 job and becoming a digital freelancer

Everyone trying to make money online has the intention of quitting their day jobs to work full time for themselves.  If that isn't your goal, it should be, because the freedom of working for yourself is amazing.  Working for a company is never a bad thing, but you're always supposed to follow a set of rules set in place by the guy or girl who runs the show.

Why not be the person who calls the shots?

You have the freedom to set your schedule
Working online full time allows you to work whenever you want as long as you're not tied into a schedule set by any remote work you're doing for a company.  You can work from 8 am to 10 am and take the rest of the day off if you want.  You could work a normal 9 am to 5 pm shift if that's what you had your heart set on.  You could even work 16 hours in a single day if you had the drive to do so!

No one will tell you when to start or stop, which could be good or bad, so be sure to manage your time wisely if you do jump from a 9-5 job to a full-time freelancer.

You can work with any client you want
One of the things I love most about working online is that I can be a part of any company I choose.  I can be a freelance content writer for a construction company today, do SEO for a fashion company next week, and I can help a local plumbing company with lead generation next month. 

The possibilities are endless when you're a freelancer as long as you have the skills that can get the job done. 

Oh, another nice thing is that you can deny working with anyone you wish because you're the boss!

You can go on vacation when you want
Since you work for yourself, that means you can set your schedule.  You can tell people you won't be available between May and June because you'll be on vacation and they can't do anything about it.  Another nice thing is that you can go on vacation and continue to work as long as you have an internet connection lol.

I've gone on plenty of vacations, brought my laptop with me, and worked when the kids are asleep after a day full of adventure Main benefits of quitting your 9-5 job and becoming a digital freelancer

You can get paid daily if you work hard enough
When you're a freelancer working online full-time, you won't be stuck getting paid every two weeks.  You will get paid when the job is done, and that is determined by how much time you invest in each project.  If you're hired to write a 3,000+ word article for $200, then you could determine if you need to finish it within a week or if you can knock it out today.  Depending on how quickly you finish the job will determine how quickly you get paid.  You'll need to wait for the customer to approve the work, but that tends to be pretty quick since they'll get a notification via email or SMS that you've delivered Main benefits of quitting your 9-5 job and becoming a digital freelancer

You can build your freelancing into a career
When I started writing content, I was on most of the bigger freelancing platforms and decided to open my writing service.  I started to get a few clients here and there, I still worked with the clients I got on the freelancing platforms, and now my revenue from freelance content writing had become much more than when I started.  I could turn it into a full-time career, but I have other ambitions and websites I'm focused on, so I don't push the content too hard right now lol.

You could do the same as long as you push yourself, deliver on time, and always make sure your customers are happy with your work Main benefits of quitting your 9-5 job and becoming a digital freelancer

Final Thoughts,
You should never quit your 9-5 and work online unless you're already profitable online.  That's because there's no guarantee that you'll make money as a freelancer and be able to support yourself.  What you should do instead is work your 9-5 job, night owl as a freelancer, and bust your butt until you can go full-time online Main benefits of quitting your 9-5 job and becoming a digital freelancer

Thanks for reading Main benefits of quitting your 9-5 job and becoming a digital freelancer

- Tommy Carey


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Hi TommyCarey, great information. I used to offer freelance writing services via SEOClerks (and also on my own before SEOClerks,). And I have been hired to write the 2000 and 3000 word articles you mentioned and was never paid $200.

In regards to being able to set your own price for services. That's not really the situation if you're working in a marketplace where there are hundreds of other cheaper writers with $1 article writing services.

After all, the buyer expects you to whip out a 2000 word article for $1 like that other guy. When really we know that other guy is just spinning and the end product will be unintelligible.

I think it would be better for a freelance writer, at least, to contact local businesses in the home town and ask if they need writing services. Then invite them (via the affiliate link) to join and purchase. In that way, you're receiving that extra 10% affiliate commission back to yourself since it's your own client.

It's always more lucrative to bring your own clients to SEOClerks than depend on the randomness of orders.

An 'offline' client will not be familiar with all the trashy $1 article deals and more likely to pay the big bucks for your services as a professional writer.

I guess that's not related to the benefits of being a freelancer.

My favorite part of freelancing, just to tie in to what you said, is the ability to work at home and raise my daughter, be a full time stay at home mom. I have enjoyed every moment of her life, not missing all the big milestones like many work outside home moms. I'm very fortunate that way.

In regards to setting your own schedule, that's not really an option for me. I'm on duty 24 hours a day, meaning if i go to sleep, four hours from now, I'm awake working again. It's not a 'requirement' per say, but it has to be done. In that way 'freelancing' is more of a full time job than if I worked at a 9 to 5 job outside the house.

Then again, that's my favorite part of freelancing. I want to be able to work at 3 am or 11 am or whenever I sign onto the computer. I don't want to be locked into a schedule of waking up at 6 am every day, dragging myself out of bed into the car and to a job I can't stand. Freelancing is the answer then for anyone that wants to dictate the usage of their own time.

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