The secret to providing top-notch customer support

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The secret to providing top-notch customer support

Everyone is starting to realize that a great website gets praise not only for its amazing services and products but for its customer service specialists!  Go through any reviews online, and you will see people praising a website for its customer service.  This is why you need to focus some of your attention on the customer service department and not overlook it like some of your competitors might be.

Standing out as a company that has amazing customer service will always gain you more credibility in a field than the product or service you're selling.  You could sell the same thing as 100 other people, but if your support is top-notch, you'll see people buying from you time and time again.

Support your support team
What you need to do is work with the support team, so they have all the tools they need to respond quickly and give the best answers possible.  Remember, your support team is the group that will turn your customers into loyal fans of the business, so be sure to help them out as much as possible.

You can give your support people a live chat option, an amazing support ticket back end, and allow them to have access to their emails that they can use to talk with customers.  Some of your support people might even be willing to respond to customers via Facebook messenger or on other social platforms, so don't forget about those!

Focus on quality responses, not quick responses
One thing that annoys most customers is quick responses with a single phrase or sentence.  I get it, my question might be dumb, but that doesn't mean you can talk to me like I don't know anything and you seem annoyed.

Instead, focus on writing a detailed response for each person and helping them with anything they need.  The more help you can provide to a customer, or potential customer, the more likely they will share their experience online and bring in more sales for you The secret to providing top-notch customer support

Utilize your auto-response
It's always good to have an auto-response to anyone that emails you, opens a support ticket, or sends you a live chat message.  These responses help people realize you're there, but not at that certain moment, and you will respond to them as soon as you can.  

Most people use auto-responders as a sort of "Hey, we'll get back to you soon!" but they should be using them in a slightly different way.  Instead of the basic response, you should add some URLs to your best blog posts, a link to your FAQ, and a link to your Knowledge Base so people can come back and do research while they wait for you to respond to their initial question.  Most of the time they will find the answer themselves, and when you respond to the email you will have someone ready to sign up The secret to providing top-notch customer support

Answer questions and give links
When someone asks you a question, you need to give them a detailed response as well as some links they can look through for future reference.  You can't respond with a link directly to the answer because that will seem rude, which is what you don't want them to think.  Instead, answer their question and say, "You might get some additional information from this page if you still have more questions," then link to the page where it answers their question again.  They will now see your FAQ and Knowledge Base, and they might answer all of their questions from now on The secret to providing top-notch customer support

Final Thoughts,
Providing top-notch customer support is what the best companies today are doing.  If you don't want to talk to your customers and visitors, hire a freelancer who can, and you will notice your sales increase over time The secret to providing top-notch customer support  You need to give your customer support specialists everything they need to do the job well and bring in more sales.  There are plenty of free or low-cost options, of all the software you would need to have the best support possibilities, and that also means you have no excuses lol.

Thanks for reading The secret to providing top-notch customer support

- Tommy Carey


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