The new wave of .IO and .AI domains mean more variety

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The new wave of .IO and .AI domains mean more variety

Everyone knows of the .COM wave when it started back in the late '90s, but not many of us are aware of the new .IO and .AI wave coming today.  Yes, there are plenty of newer domain extensions coming out, and I'm sure you've seen some of them lol. 

One problem with the .COMs is that they've been around for so long that the domains you might have your heart set on could be taken and registered with a company that will gladly give it to you for $10,000+ 

Yeah, I've seen plenty of .COMs go for that much, and some have gone for millions!  It's sad that a nice domain, something you want to do good with, is being held for ransom, and you will never be able to purchase it.  Well, the .IO and .AI wave is now here, and you can get your fancy website up and running!

New domain extensions aren't new
In this discussion, I'm only talking about the .IO and .AI domains since they're some of the leaders in the new domain extension wave.  There are plenty of other extensions out there, and most of them are pretty long, which is why the .IO and .AI extensions are getting more attention.  From an SEO perspective, the shorter the domain name, the better the optimization chances, and a short extension will always be golden in my eyes (unless it's a .co lol)

Using a .IO or .AI is great for new startups
One thing I've noticed is that the .IO and .AI domains are being purchased by startups and not so much by well established and older companies.  This might be because they're newer, don't have the same trust as a .COM, or because all the older companies already have their websites up and running and don't need a new domain.

The startups are running into the same problem I mentioned above where all the good .COMs are taken, so they're jumping on the .IO and .AI bandwagon to swipe up what they want to use.

Older companies might want to stick with the .COMs
If a company was registered a long time ago, chances are they already have a website up and running, and this means they don't need a new domain.  Now, the older websites that might want to change their domain could be running into a problem finding a .COM, which is why they tend to change their domains slightly to keep the .COM instead of a .IO or .AI

Change is scary for older companies, and older people, which is why a lot of them don't want to get rid of their .COMs, and I understand why.  They've put a lot of time into their .COMS and think all their previous work will be gone if they change.  Well, it won't be if you redirect everything to your new domain The new wave of .IO and .AI domains mean more variety

The .IO and .AI is seen as more "Techy" and "Advanced."
A lot of Artificial Intelligence companies will lean towards the .AI domain for obvious reasons and the newer tech companies who can't get a .COM will usually do the same or get a new .IO extension on their domain of choice.  For this reason, these two domain extensions are seen as more for tech companies that want to push out a new website.

Well, anyone can buy these domains, so if you wanted to do anything, and have a shorter extension that will be trusted, you can go with a .IO or .AI lol.  Well, stick with the .IO if you're not an AI company The new wave of .IO and .AI domains mean more variety

Avoid using a .NET if you can
I didn't want to add this section in here because I thought it was pretty obvious, but I had to just in case there was someone out there yelling, "What about the .NET domains!".  Well, the only people yelling that are the ones who couldn't buy a .COM and settled with a .NET lol.  What you need to understand is that a .NET will never be as trusted as a .COM even if your .NET is feeding starving children around the world while the .COM is riding cows and drinking whiskey. 

Try to stay away from the .NETs as much as possible and only buy them if you can use it for a PBN or 2nd tier site you plan on building up lol The new wave of .IO and .AI domains mean more variety

Final Thoughts,
The .IO and .AI wave is here to stay, and plenty of people are already jumping on board.  You should purchase your domains today, so you don't run into the same problem with the .COMs and have to negotiate a $10,000+ price tag with a domain broker who is holding your favorite domain name for ransom lol The new wave of .IO and .AI domains mean more variety

Thanks for reading The new wave of .IO and .AI domains mean more variety

- Tommy Carey


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