Make your visitors a part of the team and harness their advertising powers

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Make your visitors a part of the team and harness their advertising powers

Most of the bigger companies today are leveraging the power of their visitors and turning them into advertisers without paying them a single penny.  There are various ways to do this, which I'll go over shortly, but the main point of this is to get people to do something for you without spending any money on advertising.  

What I love about this method is not that we can get free advertising out of our visitors, but we can make our visitors a part of our website and business.  We can bring them in (sort of) and let them be a part of our business by sharing with their friends and family members across the world.

If your visitors love you, they will share for you
If you're getting 10,000+ people a day to your pages, it doesn't always mean your visitors will love you.  This could mean you have good ads running, your optimization is on point, and people might be coming back for a second or third visit.  

Now, if you've been doing everything you can to please your visitors, and they truly love your website, they will gladly click that "Share" button and publish your content to their social profiles/pages and even to their blogs if they have one.

This not only helps your branding and sales but it could help your SEO over time as well Make your visitors a part of the team and harness their advertising powers

Offer incentives to get social shares
One thing you can do is install a script that tracks when people share your content.  You can take notes to who is sharing your posts, services, pages, etc. and give them something in return as a sort of "Thank You."  Now, you can't always pay people for sharing your content like this because the bigger social platforms might get angry with you.  Instead, you can give them points on your website, and they can cash those in later for certain products on your site.  

Think of this like a Chuck-E-Cheese type thing where people get tickets for doing well on a game, and they can exchange them for prizes at the front desk lol.

Bring bloggers on board and pay them for content
One thing I love doing is sending out a blanketed email titled something like "Calling all Bloggers" and then telling them I'll be paying the best writers a reasonable price if they have niche-specific blogs and want to give me a backlink.

Oh, buying backlinks is against Google's TOS?  Well, I hate to be the one that breaks this to you, but all the big websites out there are buying links in some way and are getting top rankings because of it! Lol.

Set public goals for shares to keep people involved
One thing you can do to boost your visitor's loyalty and participation is to run a sort of competition where they are all on the same team.  You can have a counter on your website that will tally up all the shares, mentions, tweets, etc. and once you hit a certain number, you will then email all of your subscribers that they are now eligible for a discount, a freebie, or something else you might have in mind.  This works great because people will gladly share for you if they might get something in return later on Make your visitors a part of the team and harness their advertising powers

Final Thoughts,
Turning your visitors into a sharing community isn't the easiest thing in the world to do because not everyone is as nice as you and I.  Sure, you may get a few people to share today and a few tomorrow, but it will take time to build up your trust with something like this so keep it up and watch each event get bigger and bigger!

Thanks for reading Make your visitors a part of the team and harness their advertising powers

- Tommy Carey


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