You don't need to re-invent the wheel to become successful.

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You don't need to re-invent the wheel to become successful.

Many business owners out there are making a decent amount of cash with businesses that have not cracked the mold in their industry.  They thought of something a little different, expanded on that idea, and now rake in plenty of money because they capitalized on something.  You can do this too if you have the drive to make something better, to find a problem and fix it, or to find a void within an industry and fill that gap.

Making money online isn't the most difficult thing to do because there are millions of people doing it.  Making a lot of money is more difficult because you need to be a little unique and have a drive that pushes you towards profits.  You don't need a unique idea, you need a unique approach, and that's exactly what a lot of businesses are doing today.

Have an idea that is better than anything before it
Think of how many automotive shops there are and why some of them are better than others.  Some of the businesses may give drastic discounts if you bundle and oil change with a tire rotation and a few other things while their competitors don't offer any discount.  This is one way you can be better than your competitors and bring in sales while not cracking the mold or being 100% unique.

Another example, one that is more relatable, is an SEO company that makes you pay AFTER they get your website ranked for your desired keywords.  Almost all of the SEO companies out there will make you pay upfront since there is a lot of work to be done, but there are a few that got a lot of attention for their "Pay After You Rank" model.  Both businesses do the same thing, but one of them makes you pay after you're ranked, and that's much more enticing to a business owner who is wary about SEO tactics.  Again, they're not doing anything super unique other than their payment strategies, and that's what got them to stand out and become profitable!

Find a problem with something, fix it, and launch your work
There are plenty of products and services out there that don't offer everything with one option.  You will usually need a few things before it feels complete, and this is one of those problems you can fix.  

When people would cook pasta, they would also have a colander (strainer) sitting in the sink, ready to separate the water from the pasta.  Now you can purchase a pot that has a lid with a strainer built-in, which eliminates the need for a 2nd appliance, and I'm sure the sales for that 2 in 1 pot/strainer skyrocketed once they launched.

Think of your services or products like that.  What can you combine to make an even better service or product that people will love?  Again, you're not reinventing anything; you're simply combining two things you might already have, and the outcome will be better overall You don

If there's a void to fill, there are profits to be made!
One thing I love doing to this day is finding a void within a niche and filling it.  This could be seen as having something 100% unique, so you might not think it fits within this discussion, but most of the time, the void being filled will relate a lot to your current business.

Back in the day, I was partnered with a Ping Service that would allow people to upload their links and ping all the servers that got spidered by the search engines.  The service I was partnered with wasn't very good, they removed my links all of the time, and I eventually found Jordan (the owner of SEOclerks), and we partnered up and launched  I'm sure a lot of you have heard about PingFarm, and we are glad you love it You don  Well, PingFarm was a brainchild of mine and Jordan helped program everything on the backend.  We were now filling a void with something that was the best out there, and it was also free, which everyone also loved, and today it stands out as one of the best mass ping sites in the world You don

Find a void, fill it, and start funneling traffic like what we did with PingFarm You don

Every niche can be profitable if you know where to look
A lot of people are going to target large niches like SEO, Loans, Credit, etc. and try to find something they can slightly tweak for profits.  I'm here to tell you that some of the niches I targeted, ones that brought in the best profits, were the smaller ones that had less competition.

Sure, you could target massive niches and possibly get lucky, but you could also target ten small niches and almost guarantee profits.  Which would you choose?

Final Thoughts,
Like I said early on, making money online isn't the most difficult thing to do, but making a lot of it requires you to be a little unique.  You don't have to re-invent the wheel to make a million dollars, you need to find something to change within a successful business plan, and you will start to notice your profits going up if you're marketing them just right.

Thanks for reading You don

- Tommy Carey


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