10 ways to instantly boost your website's conversion rates.

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10 ways to instantly boost your website's conversion rates.

In today's world, everyone can put up a website in a day or two, but not everyone knows the little tricks to increase their conversions.  You could have a homepage, sub-pages, about us page, contact page, etc. but still not convert any visitor that lands on your site because you haven't paid attention to the details that could make or break your business.

In this discussion, I'll be going over the top 10 ways to instantly boost your website conversions rates, which are.

1. Offer a Guarantee to your customers
A lot of people don't like offering guarantees because they don't want to refund money that comes into their bank accounts or PayPal accounts.  Well, offering a guarantee will put the buyer at ease and they will more than likely sign up with you if they know you will give them their money back if they're not satisfied or you don't perform what was agreed upon.

2. Use Testimonials on your pages
Testimonials are going to be instant conversion boosters because people will see what strangers have said about your business and the person reading will feel more secure when purchasing.  Now, the only downside with testimonials that you show on your website is that people might think you're writing them yourself, which is why you need some social proof (which I'll talk about later).

3. Clearly explain why your product or service is amazing
Never beat around the bush and make vague statements about your product or service.  You need to get right to the point about why your products and services are amazing and you will see your conversions increase.

4. Use a video within your website to make it feel more human
Publishing a video on YouTube and embedding it into your homepage, or subpage will make users feel like your site has a more human touch to it and they'll watch everything then make a purchase.  Using a video to boost your sales is always a good thing so be sure the video is high quality and isn't too long.

5. Make sure your Adwords, Bing Ads, and other PPC campaigns have specific landing pages.
A big mistake people make is sending people from an ad campaign directly to their homepage.  This will work to increase your sales, but not as much as if you were to send them to a dedicated page, so be sure to get a few pages up and running then split test them.  Set up different landing pages for each keyword set you're targeting and you will see your conversions boost up exponentially.

6. Use Social Proof to put people at ease
Just like testimonials, using social proof will boost your conversions almost overnight, and that's why every website should be using them.  There are plenty of WordPress plugins that can help you do this, and they will show "John purchased the Gold Package" or "Jane bought the Diamond Package," and your visitors will see that users are making purchases while they're browsing around.  Your social proof doesn't always have to be 100% true, but you'll want to be as honest as possible, and that's because some PPC platforms may think you're deceiving people into purchasing from you.

7. Utilize upsells and recommended products
It's always a good thing to have upsells at checkout and recommended products to show on each product page when you're running a store or service type marketplace.  Look at this marketplace and others like it, there are plenty of recommendations on what else you may like, and that's called an upsell as well as a cross sell.  You might open it in another tab, add it to your favorites, or you could purchase that additional product or service right away, and that means the platform makes more money 10 ways to instantly boost your website

8. Create tunnel vision for your visitors
This method works much better with PPC campaigns and dedicated landing pages because you'll want to remove some design features to funnel people directly to checkout.  You'll want to remove some menu options, navigation features, and anything else that will give someone the option to click away from the page and browse everything else.  This sometimes can get you into hot water with PPC platforms, so be sure to keep your footer with all the links in it, and that can be your loophole 10 ways to instantly boost your website

9. Offering less is always more
A website offering 10,000+ products might be overwhelming to a visitor, and they might not make a purchase.  Now, if you had 50 products on your site, it might not seem like a lot, but you'll notice your users tend to purchase more often because they're not flooded with products and overwhelmed by the options they can choose from.  Less is sometimes more, and this is one of those cases.

10. Use a live chat plugin or script
One of the best things you can do to indirectly increase your conversions is to add a live chat feature to your website to boost your sales.  You'll be able to talk directly to your potential customers as they're on your site and have questions.  This means they can get answers immediately, make a purchasing decision while talking to you, and your sales will usually increase.

Final thoughts,
Increasing the conversions of your website isn't something you might think of when starting but it might be something you want to think of early on when you start your second or third website.  The higher your conversions are, the more profits you could be making, and that means the more chances you could have of becoming successful over time.  There are a lot of little things you can do to increase your conversions, and when they're all applied correctly you will notice a decent jump in sales 10 ways to instantly boost your website

Thanks for reading 10 ways to instantly boost your website

- Tommy Carey


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