3 questions you need to ask yourself when trying to attract the right customer

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3 questions you need to ask yourself when trying to attract the right customer

Many people have grand schemes when it comes to attracting customers, but they never break it down to the basics of targeting and who is seeing their ads and content.  If you think about it, there aren't many things you need to do to generate a sale, but if you're targeting isn't accurate, then you'll think the entire process is flawed.

Putting your ads, content, and website in front of the masses could get you a few sales, but putting them in front of specific people will not only save you money, but it will boost your ROI exponentially.

Below are the three basic targeting questions you should be asking yourself when you want to get serious about attracting the perfect customers.

Who is the ideal customer you're targeting?
When you sit down and think about your targeting, you may realize that advertising men's clothing to women with children could get you a sale, but in reality, it probably won't because most women won't buy their boyfriends or husbands clothing.  Now, if you were to swap out the women for the men, you might have a better shot, but that all boils down to the age of the man and their style preferences.

Targeting can be a tricky thing, and one little tweak or edit can turn a crumby campaign into an amazing one. 

If you don't know who the ideal customer is, other than they're a man/woman between 18 and 65, then you need to sit down and do some market research.  Figure out who is more likely to purchase your product, where they live, what they do during the day, what their hobbies are, etc. and you will find the ideal candidate to throw your ads in front of to boost your ROI.

What do you want that customer to do?
When you ask yourself this question, you will likely answer it with "I want them to buy something on my website!" which is a standard response for most people.  Instead, you should want these people to sign up to your newsletter, browse a few pages, add items to their cart, and then checkout.  You could have the automatically sign up for your newsletter at checkout, but why not try to entice them to sign up before that?

Knowing what you want the customer to do, before they purchase, will help you build your site in a way that will help you funnel your ideal candidates to their shopping carts filled with items or services that will turn a profit for you.

What brands are they following, and how are those brands converting customers?
Looking into your competitors is never a bad thing to do because they've become successful with their actions, and you can mimic them for your profits.  Go to your top five competitors and sew what they're doing to pull people in.  They're likely producing a lot of optimized content that has images and is written in a way that keeps people on the page and eventually gets them to engage.  They will also have forms for free giveaways, which sign them up for the sites newsletter, and this will boost revenue later on down the road as the user becomes more familiar with the email marketing campaigns being run.

Do a deep dive into your competitor's advertising methods by using Spy tools that record and track a websites advertising campaigns on Adwords, Bing Ads, etc.  You'd be amazed how quickly you can get a winning campaign up and running if you mimic a campaign one of your top competitors is already running with success 3 questions you need to ask yourself when trying to attract the right customer

Final Thoughts,
Attracting the right customers isn't the most difficult thing to do if you ask yourself the top 3 questions and apply certain methods to funnel them in.  You can always run PPC campaigns, add content to your blog, and be on every social media platform there is but you won't turn a profit unless you're selling something just as good as your competitors.

Thanks for reading 3 questions you need to ask yourself when trying to attract the right customer

Tommy Carey


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