Selling Themes here became pointless_

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Selling Themes here became pointless_

I've been thinking should I post this or not ... but I have to.
I've been here for 2 years, selling my MyBB Themes and Services. I am level 3 and until you've changed design and menu items etc ... I've been doing here pretty well, I have earned more than 1500 USD and had 130 orders ...

Ever since changes ... it is almost totally stopped. For months and months I nearly manage to sell one order per month, sometimes nothing ...

Either I do something wrong or you have made changes to discourage Theme and Plugin authors to sell here?


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Hi There,

Try to Create New Services of Theme, Like Wordpress Theme, Blogspot Theme, Or Something Like That.
You can Grow up More Than This, Also Level 3 You can Create More Services than you have Now.
If you want to boost your Sales, Just Free Boost it Everyday.
Or You can Increase your Custom Affiliate Commission Maybe 20%, So Your Services Might be Promoted by Affiliate Here.

You can, of course, Sell How to Create That Theme as a Course then Sell it Again.

I Hope This is Help
Thank You
- Rehiga

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