Seller's guide: How to get more sales on SEOClerks - Affiliate commission

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Seller's guide: How to get more sales on SEOClerks - Affiliate commission

If you are a seller at SEOClerks you must think a lot about how to make more sales for your services

There are a lot of techniques that can help you to increase the visibility of your services and drive more sales.
In this short article I'll tell you the benefits of using a custom affiliate commission.

There are quite a few powerful SEOClerks affiliates who make serious money by promoting other seller's services. They are running their own website and/or social media groups to drive traffic to other's services. If they are able to refer somebody who buys a service here, the affiliate marketer makes a nice commission on the sale.

Nothing new with this model, it is an old and proven marketing strategy. By default, every service offered here has a 10% commission paid to affiliates. That 10% does not come down for the amount the seller receive, but it's included in SEOClerks revenue.

Most new sellers do not know that they can set a custom affiliate commission.
Why is it important? Because affiliates are here to make money. As much as they can. So they will promote services that make more for them. It's that simple.

So if you offer higher commission, than all the affiliates can make more money promoting your service then other's. This means that if you set higher affiliate commission, you have a much more higher chance to get picked up by some popular affiliate marketer. And that indicates a lot of traffic and more sales.

If you set a custom commission, everything above 10% comes down for your earnings, so for example if you set 20% custom affiliate commission, it means you will receive 10% less that usually, but it also means that the affiliates make two times more revenue, so it's definitely a good deal.

That's why I always offer 30% custom affiliate commission for every services I offer.

Based on my experience, around half of the orders come from some affiliate promotion channel. So it's undoubtedly an important factor if you want to make serious amount of sales.

I really recommend you to think about and try this opportunity and set a custom affiliate commission!


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Hi There,

Very Useful Tips, Also Custom Affiliate is Very Crucial if someone wants to promote your services.
I Set all of my Affiliate Commission to 20%, And still search for someone who wants to promote my services.

Also, Your Commission is Very high, I Will try to get an Order for you.
Road to Level 4, I hope I can do this.

Thank You
- Rehiga

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