Is this site viable?

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Is this site viable?

Only request I have gotten was a black-hat request which I denied. Is this site even active.


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This website is no ordinary website. SEOClerks is the world's largest SEO Marketplace. One homepage featured listing here costs US $1500 and you consider yourself lucky when they allow you to post one as they have limited slots for the same which are always occupied.

The website receives about 25, 000 visitors each day and I estimate that half of those are registered members here, who log in to either buy or sell services here.

The website also crossed 5 Million orders in December of 2019.

The services that you listed are unique here and may become a game changer for the programming category here, which is almost non-existent. So, keep yourself active here and I would personally suggest that you category feature one of your services, which you believe to be the best and see if it changes the game for you and for the programming category of SEOClerks. Also, don't forget to bump 6 of your services for free, once a day.

Here is the link to category feature your service -

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