Competition to serve you at a higher price and not lower the price !!

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Competition to serve you at a higher price and not lower the price !!

 User experiences and storiesHello …I wrote before that you should reduce the price of your services in the first way in five …But what happens to some sellers after selling their services because of the price reduction is definitely a loss ??How to sell a service for $10 !!! For only $1Do you think that you are this way competing with other sellers versus my friend … You lose a lot.Yes, you lose effort and fatigue in return, you gain little benefit, and who do you think you are competing with?They are the winners …You sell 1 service for $9 because you cut the price of the service for $1. Of course that's what you think … But …Who competes with him sells the same service for you … Twice only for $20 ??My friend, buyers, choose quality first … I don’t think that the buyer risks and buys services that might harm him … Or he doesn’t like it …So who do you think reducing the price of the service will work? You are really losing … And others are winning a lot.About 100% real experience from my dealings with clients … Thank you


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Yeah, I Think You're RIght
But for Some Reason, We Need to Lower Our Prices a bit to have an Advantage Between us and Our Competitor.
And Not Every Client loves High Prices.

So let's Make it Balance in all Things

Thank you
- Rehiga

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Hello Friend,

I really understand that you have an issue regarding competition with other sellers and here what makes it difference is budget price set.

Everybody is just competing with others but what they actually competing with themselves, not with others. This is hard to understand but it is a bitter truth behind the competition.

If you are the best and well expertise in your skills then you don't have to worry about anything. Just to stay focus on your job, you are best at.

Sometimes reducing the price on service will never make any difference on any freelance site.
Seller & Buyer are both alike.
You are doing a very good job projects

I am just a newbie to this freelance site. & my job is totally different from others. I have nothing to do with anyone nor with
If I tell you my truth nobody will believe me the really bitter truth, I have come across and surrounded by my negative situation.

I am an affiliate marketer.
I am a blogger.
I am an advertiser.
I am a freelancer.
I am an SEO expert.
I am a shopkeeper.
I am a Govt. Servant
and many more

but still struggling to pass the time with the world online.

I got my first job in my country on a small scale private firm.
My Second job in the USA, then I was rejected because of the same competition.
My Third job is my Goodness towards mankind.
The last job is my lifetime achievement after doing lots of struggle, got a very highly reputed secure job. For this, I just work only 2 hours or less and am getting a high-grade pay.

My Passion is my online job.

Last word...

I will do my best and work until I am alive because this is my passion for my duties and being a responsible citizen of my country.

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