Elite Proxy only

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Elite Proxy only

Being as though many of the software sold on here requires elite proxies to work properly otherwise it is a wasted investment, why is it so hard to get a service that provides only the very best elite proxies? I have bought at least 4 software that are useless without elite proxies that need to be be google safe, everyone and anyone can get useless proxies that don't work for these software. 
Anyone have a cost effective solution? As I want to buy more but not able to water money unless have reliable proxies.


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Because most proxy scraping softwares are scraping public proxy lists from free proxy sites. Elite proxies are expensive. Most non-elite proxies are a result of kind a hacked router or pc, therefore they are cheap, but overloaded, slow and not anonymous.

Elite proxies need to be configured and maintained. When people use them for spammy activity, then the IP-s became useless. So fresh, new IP-s have to be claimed and those are relatively expensive (we don't have unlimited IP4 addresses obviously).

If you do not need too much elite proxies, then go setup your own. For around 5 USD per month you can run your own blazing fast, dedicated elite proxy, that nobody else will use (really not just told as nobody will use it..)

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