Control over funds

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Control over funds

Hello, i am new on SEOclerk, i ordered a service but yet to pay for the service, please i need to know if i have total control over my funds incase i am not satisfied with the job i get from the seller? 


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Hi elfuegoDigitals,
Make sure about the seller's service read description of the service carefully, if seller done correctly but you didn't satisfy you will not get your money back. If seller will not provide service as promised then you can raise a support ticket for your order and write clearly about your issue and they will provide you solution for this.
Here is the link to raise any issue:

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Thank you very much for your response

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Hi elfuegoDigitals, here is the information provided in our Terms of Service in regards to refunds:

At Ionicware we want you to be satisfied with any Seller Services offered via the Platform. All Orders made by a user shall only be refunded if such Order has not been fulfilled by a Seller. Before any Order can be refunded for any Seller Services, the user must first attempt to contact the Seller. If the Seller fails to respond or does not deliver the Order as promised to the user, the user may then initiate a refund request by contacting Ionicware. Please be aware that refunds can only be given for unfulfilled orders and no refunds will be issued for any other reason. All refunds are issued at the sole discretion of Ionicware. If you wish to request a refund or have an issue with any account billing, please contact us a

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