Seoclerk affiliate store

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Seoclerk affiliate store

Hi, I remember a seller contacted me in inbox, I don't remember his/her username and since then lot of people contacted me so i can't find him/her. he/she offered me seoclerk store script that i just need to host and it automatically earn commission on my affilate i mean there are many developers.

So tell me your experience is it worth to create your own store with seoclerk services with 10% commission?

and is there any developer who selling store script in cheap rate?


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yes, have look in my store for best affiliate store latest version

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Depends on how much targeted traffic do you get to your store. If you can manage to have several thousands of interested visitors and a good conversion rate around 3-5%, then you will make a nice income.

There are also sellers (like me) who offer higher commission (I offer 30% for example), so it's better to display services with higher commission on your store. You can find high commission services using the API.

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