I am a newcomer and wanna know the process of earning online

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I am a newcomer and wanna know the process of earning online

I m new here ,and i joined SEO clerks to earn online.
I don't know how SEO clerks help in earnings, I will be very thankful if the procedure is generally explained.
Thank You!


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Hey bro keep hard working. Create some services and Keep online.

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Hi Shaheer99,
Welcome to the world of seo freelancers. If you have talent in seo, content writing, graphics design, programming, website traffic generation, social media promotion or anything related to website or web service you can provide your service here and in return you will get money from clients.

Seoclerk market place allow you to create free service listing. You can also apply on jobs for free, when buyer buy service from you be decent to do proper work and try to get positive impression from clients. You will get money paid by seller after 20% commission deducted by seoclerk as platform fee which is very good price also.

As a freelancer you can take jobs and do in your own time but always submit works before deadline. More you deliver your work, more will be your level here and your trust score will be increase.

It may be hard to get your first 10 orders but try and try again for this still you get some decent orders on your service. Once you get some valuable clients who repeat orders, you will get decent income. People are earning $1-$8000 a month (as per my knowledge) in this platform and it is all due to their hard work and properly proper delivery of work.

To start a service follower similar service, what you planned to provide and create your own service.

Happy journey!

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Welcome to SEOClerks , Shaheer !

You have definitely come to the right place.

We could ultimately earn money together ; if you are able to assist us with finding Genuine Clients and Affiliates.

Kindly see our current Gigs on SEOClerks ; together with our Enhanced Commission Levels for Affiliate Sales.

Remain Blessed !

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