4 ways to boost your customer's experience on your website

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4 ways to boost your customer's experience on your website

We all know that a customers' experience on your website will determine if they come back a second time to make another purchase.  Your customer's experience, and even the people who are browsing, needs to be a top priority if you want to be as successful as you possibly can.  You can't half-ass your customer service department because that's how you start to obtain negative reviews such as "The product was great, but I gave two stars because their customer service is horrible!".  You can have an amazing product or service but still get negative reviews if your customer service isn't great.

Real-time live chat with support
A growing trend over the last few years is having a live chat system in place so your customers and visitors can interact with you easier.  They can click the little "We Are Online!" bubble in the corner and get in touch with someone on your support team instantly.  This means they can get their questions answered immediately, they will see a human response when they need answers, and it will prevent them from hopping over to your competitors who might have a live chat system lol.

Instant ticket responses with links
One big thing I've noticed from top companies is that they're inserting instant responses based on what the customer or visitors are asking.  The responses usually come with "We'll get to your request immediately, but for now, here are a few links that might help you out," and then there are some links to the FAQ, Knowledgebase, or specific articles related to the question being asked.

The more accurate your auto canned responses are, the more likely you'll answer the client's question before you get to it, and that means a better ROI because you're losing fewer orders 4 ways to boost your customer

Using Facebook messenger as your chat option
There are billions of people on Facebook, and that means they likely have Facebook Messenger.  There are a lot of companies out there, switching from expensive live chat systems to using Facebook for their chat needs.  There are plenty of plugins out there for you to use on your Wordpress site that can do this for you.  If you don't run your website on Wordpress, you can purchase a script from codecanyon, and that will work just as well 4 ways to boost your customer

People are switching to Facebook messenger as their live chat system because it's already an advanced chat system, and people all over the world trust facebook.  They will be able to create a conversation within their facebook account, talk to you without having to download an app, and follow their conversation since it's saved in their account 4 ways to boost your customer

Offer a free ebook if you don't respond in XX minutes
Customer service and hospitality go hand in hand, and you need to keep people happy for as long as possible.  If you happen to miss a chat, email, or ticket coming through your website, you should always have an automated response that gives them something for free. 

I like giving away free ebooks that I wrote up, which aren't super long, but people tend to enjoy them because they contain a bunch of website tricks they can use to pull in additional leads or even optimize their pages better 4 ways to boost your customer

If you keep them happy, they'll keep coming back, and this automated freebie is a great way to pull them back in lol 4 ways to boost your customer

Final Thoughts,
If you're not worried about your website's customer service department, then you may as well stop working online.  People want responses from actual people, and they appreciate it when you get back to them quickly.  It's best if you can respond instantly, or right after your automated response goes out because this shows your visitors you're online and ready to help 4 ways to boost your customer

Thanks for reading 4 ways to boost your customer

Tommy Carey


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Excellent Suggestions !

I Seriously Need Lots (and Lots) of Affiliates for my Gigs on SEOClerks ; and will definitely see whether your (above) Tips will help.

Thank You !

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