Why you should be targeting niche-specific social networks

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Why you should be targeting niche-specific social networks

Whenever you start a business, you'll likely think of marketing on Facebook and even Adwords, but not many people are looking to target niche-specific social networks.  Not many people talk about these networks, which is why I think they get looked over, but they're gold mines if you become well known on them.

Think about it, you're becoming a popular member on a network that has your target audience, and they're engaging with you whenever you post or make a comment.  That's a marketer's dream, and it can be your reality if you put in the time!

Below are a few reasons why you should think about targeting niche-specific social networks or working them into your current marketing plan.

Advertising tends to be cheaper
If you're like me, you tend to look for the "Advertise" link in the footer before you register an account.  I like checking to see if smaller websites offer ad spots because they tend to be cheaper and pull in a much better ROI compared to more general forums and social networks.

Bigger platforms like Facebook might be cheaper, but you could be screwing up your ads, and that means a lot of money is wasted on your targeting being slightly off.  With niche-specific social networks, you can target everyone, know you're not getting wasted clicks, and get a better ROI each month without much testing Why you should be targeting niche-specific social networks

Targeting is spot on (usually)
Like I mentioned above, your targeting tends to be spot on, and that's because these smaller niche networks attract people who are devoted to the industry.  You can find social networks for dogs, cats, fish, carpenters, electricians, lawyers, mechanics, etc.  There's a place for everyone online, and sometimes you may have to go into subsections of a network to find them.

Targeting is everything if you want to get the biggest return for the time you're investing in a new platform.  If you've ever done forum marketing by building up your post count and advertising, then you know the potential and the downsides.  It does take time to build your authority on bigger platforms, but smaller ones aren't so tedious.

You can become an authority quicker
If you're consistent with your posts, comments, shares, likes, etc. you will notice your authority within the niche social network rises much faster than if you were on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. 

Niche social networks are much smaller, which allows you to stand out more, and that means you can boost your authority quicker than most places.  This also means it takes less time to become an authority that sells products or services without answer any questions before the customer paying you Why you should be targeting niche-specific social networks

Build trust with more buyers
Whenever you're running a business, you will always need trust to be at the top of your marketing campaigns.  The more people trust you, the more likely they'll buy, and that means more profits at the end of the year when tax time comes around lol.

If you can become a well known member of a small niche-specific social network, then you will build trust, as well as your authority, and the customers will seem to flood your site without you trying to pull them in.

Final Thoughts,
Become a trusted authority on a small niche-specific social network takes time because the posts and comments you write need to be informative and high quality.  A simple "Thanks for the post!" won't work and could likely get you suspended if the admins think you're trying to inflate your post count.  This little trick does take a bit of time to do right, but it's time well spent, and that's because you could profit a ton if you do this on 2, 3, or even ten niche-specific platforms Why you should be targeting niche-specific social networks

Thanks for reading Why you should be targeting niche-specific social networks

Tommy Carey


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'Niche-Specific' Social Networking appears to be a very good option to consider.

I will definitely try it and see ; most especially now that I am currently seeking Lots (and Lots) of affiliates for my various Gigs on SEOClerks.

Thanks !

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