Do proper marketing and stop stalking your subscribers across the internet.

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Do proper marketing and stop stalking your subscribers across the internet.

I'm sure you've heard that you should be running an email marketing campaign, retargeting your visitors, warming up your leads, and doing pretty much whatever it is you can to get in front of someone as much as possible.  Have you ever thought of how annoying it could get to see an ad for something you're not interested in whenever you load a new website or log into your email?  Sometimes you need to let a lead die and move on so you can avoid negative feedback from someone that is annoyed by your presence across the web lol.

Are you constantly sending out newsletters?
Whenever you get someone to sign up to your email list can be excited, especially if you're new to this, and you might want to send them an email every few hours to bring them back.  You can't act like a clingy girlfriend who texts their new boyfriend every 10 minutes to see how they're doing.  You need to let the subscriber enjoy their time on your list, let them read an email once a week, and stop sending them advertisements whenever you load up MailChimp, Aweber, or ConstantContact lol.

It's ok to send out a newsletter each week as long as you have something to say.  If you're rehashing the same content week after week, maybe you need to start blogging more, and then add URLs to your newest blog posts so people will get interested again.

Are you retargeting them every day?
Whenever you start retargeting, you will think it's the greatest thing in the world and everyone should see who you are.  The problem is that you're going to annoy some people, they will think you're stalking them around the internet, and you might want to track people 30 days out instead of 90.

If you can't get someone to come back within 30 days, then there's no point to keep showing them ads for another 60 days.  Let your cookies die off after 30 days and move on to new leads who would be more willing to make a purchase. 

Are you sending too many push notifications?
One of the biggest things that annoys pretty much everyone is when we get dozens of push notifications to our phones every week.  We get it, you want us to come back to your app or site, but you don't need to send us a notification every 12 hours.

Instead, figure out the peak times when your website is making sales and send your push notifications 30-60 minutes before then.  This way, you will know when people are about to log on to make a purchase, you can remind people about your site, and you'll pull in more people at peak buying times.  You can do this once or twice a week, probably on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but don't push it or you will notice people getting annoyed because it feels like you're getting too pushy (no pun intended lol).

Do you need them to sign up so you can pay your bills?
If you need someone to buy a product or service for you so you can pay an electric bill, a water bill, pay your rent or pay your car bill, then you're going to be pretty upset with what I'm about to say.

You can't work online if you're relying on profits each day, especially when you're just starting, and this is because you're going to push yourself too much and burn your websites.  There have been millions of people before you in the same position, and they come online to make quick cash.  What they don't realize is that this method of working takes a lot of time and finesse to do it right, so don't expect quick results. 

If you're expecting everyone to purchase from you, you'll get pushy and annoy them; then, you'll make less money than you could of if you let them do their own thing without you interfering.

Final Thoughts,
Whenever I get on a list of a pushy company, land on a retargeting campaign, or think someone is rude, I will avoid that business at all costs.  I will go into my cookies and delete specific ones, so I never see their ads again, and I unsubscribe from any list that might be theirs, so they don't inbox me anymore.  If you think you might be annoying people who have come to your website, you probably are, and you should rethink your approach to marketing and sales Do proper marketing and stop stalking your subscribers across the internet.

Thanks for reading Do proper marketing and stop stalking your subscribers across the internet.

Tommy Carey


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