Leveraging social proof can boost your sales more than you would think

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Leveraging social proof can boost your sales more than you would think

Whenever you land on a website and see little popups in the corner saying, "John Doe just purchased the Gold Package," that's one form of social proof that helps ease people's decisions when buying something.  You will likely see many forms of social proof such as reviews on social media platforms, reviews on a GMB listing, and other testimonials and reviews that will convince people to purchase from you.

The power of social proof is amazing because you can go from not making a single sale to having 10+ coming in every hour if you do it right.  It takes time to build up your social proof unless you're spoofing it, so be sure to take your time acquiring it and show it to the world if it's good lol.

You're showing strangers that you're trusted
Everyone is worried about making a purchase online from a website they just found.  It's the same as going to a new restaurant and trying it out for the first time, you might not like it, but you went because someone recommended it to you.  That's exactly how social proof works except you're getting these little recommendations from strangers, and you're trusting their opinion.

Amazon does this well by showing all the reviews from previous buyers.  People will find a product they like, read the details, and go into the reviews to see what people are saying.  If they like what they're reading, they will make a purchase, but if they don't like it, they will avoid you at all costs.

It shows that you've had previous buyers
No one wants to be the first person to try out your services, which is why social proof is so powerful!  You might have to fake your first few reviews to show people you're "trusted" so be sure to offer a good service or amazing product to accumulate genuine reviews Leveraging social proof can boost your sales more than you would think

If someone sees you've had plenty of previous buyers and you don't have any negative reviews online, they will be more likely to purchase since they trust you a bit more.

The reviews people find will convince them to buy
Like I mentioned above, your reviews online will convince people to purchase, and this is another reason social proof is amazing.  You could be the best in the business, but if you don't have any positive reviews to show, you might not get any sales.  You will likely get one or two from people willing to take a chance, but your competitors who are offering sub-par services are getting 10x the sales because of their social proof.

Social proof shows you're an established business
If you have social proof dating back a few days, you might not be trusted as much, which is why you need to collect it as soon as you can.  The more social proof you have, and the older it is, the more established you'll look in the eyes of a potential customer ready to make a purchase. 

People don't always think about how old a website is or look at timestamps for reviews, but there are a few big buyers out there that will dive deep into stuff like this, so you should always be ready for them.

Final Thoughts,
Using social proof on your websites can help you generate 1, 2, or even 100+ more sales a week if you do it right.  You need to show people your previous buyers with popups, collect reviews on your social media accounts, and get your happy customers to review your GMB listing.  If you can do all of this, you will likely see more sales coming through your website!

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Tommy Carey


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