How to create a lucrative digital services website with ease.

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How to create a lucrative digital services website with ease.

Many of you reading this are selling digital services through various marketplaces and might not have your website to sell from.  Some of you don't think you need a website while others simply don't want one, and both of those ideas are very wrong.  You need a website if you want to be seen as a professional.  Hell, you can run your website similar to how theme developers on ThemeForest do it and link your "Buy Now" buttons to the sales page of this marketplace!

If you're making a few bucks a day through selling digital services, you will want to invest some of that money into your website, and you will know why soon after you launch How to create a lucrative digital services website with ease.

Launching a specific website selling certain services isn't the most difficult thing to do in the world, and this discussion will explain that more.

Super target your niche
When you're starting, or looking to branch into a new niche, you should get super targeted and focus on one thing you're best at.  If you're a designer you could focus solely on logo design, make your entire website about that, and don't offer web design unless someone asks for it.

You could get even more specific and target business logo designs or small business logo designs and rank better over time and become the authority in that area.

Design your site to convert
You want your website to flow well but you want it to convert even better.  Your overall design will help convert people but your sales copy and the content will convince them to purchase.  What you'll want to do is hire a content writer, or write it yourself, and make sure the content speaks to the people instead of pitching your services.

You must use reviews, testimonials, social proof, etc. when designing your homepage because those things will help sell your services quicker than you can respond to a support ticket lol.

Use high quality images, not free stock photos
Pay a little extra for your images or use a platform like to source your high quality images.  UnSplash is pretty amazing, not only because it's free, but because the images on there don't look like stock photos.  Sure, you'll come across some that look pretty generic, but for the majority of the images on there, you will notice they're amazing.

If you're using high quality images, that don't look like stock photos, you'll convert more people because your pages will seem more genuine.  No one wants to land on a page where they see a person shaking hands with a business owner, and that's because it's overused on any low-quality site.

Don't be a low-quality site.  You need to stand out!

Utilize exit-intent popups
One thing I absolutely love using is exit-intent popups that bring someone back down to my website.  These little beauties are popups that only show when someone brings their cursor to the address bar or they perform an action that will make them leave the page. 

I like using exit-intent popups that will show coupons to my users if they had gotten to the shopping cart and were about to abandon the site.  They'll add things to their cart, go to checkout, and for some reason, they'll change their mind and proceed to leave my site.  This is when the exit-intent popup will show them a 20% off coupon, or whatever percentage you want, and they will be more willing to come back down and make the purchase right then and there How to create a lucrative digital services website with ease.

Retarget specific people with coupons
If the exit-intent popup doesn't get them to make a purchase, you can follow them around the internet with retargeting ads.  These are ads that show up when you're browsing the internet because a cookie was placed on your computer when you landed on a website.

What I like to do is have two different retargeting ads.  I'll have a general one for anyone that landed on my website and a second one that is specific to the people who added items to their cart looked at their cart and abandoned it.  The general one is a basic "this is our website, here's what we offer" and the abandoned cart ad will show them a better discount like "Get 35% off what you left in your shopping cart!" and it will usually bring them back in How to create a lucrative digital services website with ease.

Give users a backend dashboard to watch the progress
A nice thing to offer your users/clients, especially if you're selling a digital service, is a backend where they can log in and see the progress of your work.  You can upload your reports to this dashboard, you can set up Analytics like SERP tracking and Keyword tracking, and you can make it a hub for the client to check everything you're doing and make more purchased How to create a lucrative digital services website with ease.

Final thoughts,
This does take a little time to set up and a bit of upfront investment, but it's worth it if you want to take your business seriously.  I've been doing this for years and noticed a lot of people coming back for their 10th and even 20th order.  I tend to resell a lot of my digital services, which you can do as well, so remember that when you're trying to branch out to new niches ;)

Thanks for reading How to create a lucrative digital services website with ease.

Tommy Carey


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