Marketing on LinkedIn should be treated the same way as Email Marketing

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Marketing on LinkedIn should be treated the same way as Email Marketing

Have you ever gone on LinkedIn and start spamming your links to all your connections?  Well, that's not what you should be doing since everything on LinkedIn should be treated the same as email marketing.  Think about it; you need to warm up your connections before you start pitching to them, and you can never drop a URL in your first interaction with a stranger.  You can't look spammy and come off as a professional at the same time, you need to be a professional and talk to people, and over time you can drop a link to your site.

The funny thing is after you've been talking to someone for a while, they will have already visited your website, and your retargeting is already pulling them back in.  You don't have to drop a link into your conversations because the person will already see your ads and get pulled back in lol.

If you don't know how to do LinkedIn marketing or email marketing, I hope this discussion helps you a little bit.

Warm-up your contacts/connections
When you send a new connection request, and someone accepts it, you should always send out a basic "Thank You" message that will thank them, mention your background, and exit with a nice saying like "Have a great day!".  You never want to pitch to someone and make it seem like you're only connecting with them so you can hopefully pull them in as a client.

When talking to people on LinkedIn, you need to realize they're actual people.  Look at their images, look through their profiles, and talk to them about something they can relate to.  The more you can keep the conversation going in a good direction, the more likely they'll ask for your help when it's needed, so be sure to let them know over time that you do something specific.

Never pitch in the initial contact
I've seen plenty of people complain about how their LinkedIn marketing isn't working, and it always boils down to the fact they're pitching in every single message they send out.  Think about it. How often do you react to a sales pitch without having a conversation with the person before that point?

Talk to the people on the other end, build a relationship with them, help them fix something without charging them, and they will likely come to you when they are ready to pay for your services.

Give them hope through your guidance
You can always talk to them about your accomplishments, but that won't get you very far.  Instead, talk to them about what they can change on their website to improve their rankings, traffic, boost their authority, etc. and they will trust you more after they execute your suggestions and notice a positive outcome.

The more guidance and consulting you do for them, the more likely they'll see how tough the work is, and they will ask you to come on board and help out.

Drop a link in your signature
A lot of people on LinkedIn are used to email signatures, so putting one in your message responses won't hurt, and they won't be seen as a spammy technique to pull them in.  A signature is a pretty standard business practice, and it shows the person on the other end what business you work for, your phone number, your title, and pretty much anything you want to put in there.

I tend to use my Name, Title, and URL within the signature, so people are more willing to click through when they need to contact me.  I will sometimes add my email into the signature, but not always, because I'm worried I'll fall into an email list that an advanced LinkedIn scraper grabbed from inbox messages.

Final Thoughts,
The above discussion isn't loaded with "Tricks" or "Hacks" to build wealth through marketing on LinkedIn.  This is all common knowledge that many people don't abide by, and it usually hurts their chances of landing a whale.  I've done everything I've mentioned above and had plenty of whales bring me on board for consulting or SEO work, so I know how it goes.  Don't rush this, be polite, help when you can, and never spam your link to a connection unless they ask for it or you're putting it in your signature Marketing on LinkedIn should be treated the same way as Email Marketing

Thanks for reading Marketing on LinkedIn should be treated the same way as Email Marketing

Tommy Carey


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