Mailchimp and Aweber alternative - Run your own emailing system

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Mailchimp and Aweber alternative - Run your own emailing system

When you are starting a business, you might not think of how expensive an email system can be to run.  You might think you're going to use MailChimp or Aweber and send out all of your emails each day, every day, and not run into a single problem.  If you're like me, you're looking for an alternative that you can run yourself and never have to worry about a 3rd party again.  You will be looking for something you can set up, run your campaigns, and never answer to an account manage again because they didn't like something you sent out.

What happens when your account gets suspended because one person complains?  
What happens when your emails bounce too often, and your account gets shut down?
What happens when you are in a niche that is frowned upon?

Introducing Mailwizz
When I was doing all of my research to figure out what I wanted to do, I stumbled upon Mailwizz and a few other programs, but Mailwizz turned out to be the more logical choice due to its power and design.  I'm pretty big on aesthetics because I want something to look good when I'm using it, which is why I chose Mailwizz.

Mailwizz is an email script that can run on your server, link to SMTPs of your choice, and send out thousands or millions of emails per day depending on the server it's on.  The bigger the server, the more emails you can send, and the happier you could be if the campaign is successful.

Install on a Linode VPS
I've always been a fan of Linode for my bigger websites that need dedicated resources, so I looked up their server specs, and they are perfect for Mailwizz.  

After you purchase Mailwizz, you can upload it to your server on Linode, which will cost around $40 a month, and you can start to configure everything.  If you don't know how to do this, contact an email professional, and they can likely do it for you if you pay them a few bucks.  I'm sure there are plenty of people here who can set this up for you if you were to pay them Mailchimp and Aweber alternative - Run your own emailing system

Link to one SMTP or dozens of SMTPs
One of my favorite things about Mailwizz is that it doesn't lock you into sending through a single SMTP.  You can have 10 sets up and ready to run a single email campaign, which is why it's so powerful, and that means you can run millions of emails through your system each day and rarely worry about getting blacklisted.

MailWizz integrates with all SMTP server types and also with services like SparkPost, MailGun, Amazon SES, SendGrid, ElasticEmail, MailJet, etc. Whatever delivery method you need to use, most likely, we have you covered.
This means you can have your emails running through various 3rd party SMTPs, sending out all of your emails, and having fewer worries that a single server goes down while you're sending out a monster blast.

Warm-up your emails
Just like any email you set up, you need to warm it up if you want to have the best inbox rates, and that means you need to be patient.  Sending emails through an address that hasn't been warmed up is a good way to come back here and complain that your setup doesn't work lol.

How to warm up your email in 1 month (yes, it will take some time).
Week 1: Send 10 emails a day
Week 2: Send 50 emails a day
Week 3: Send 200 emails a day
Week 4: Send 1,000 emails a day

If you can get through that warmup sequence, which isn't difficult to do, you will have some addresses that can send out massive amounts of emails through your SMTPs daily.  Also, you can warm up dozens of emails at the same time, which is what the pros are doing, and you can send out massive amounts of emails in your warmup stage.  After you warmed up 10+ emails, you'll easily be able to send 100,000+ emails a day to your lists Mailchimp and Aweber alternative - Run your own emailing system


Final Thoughts,
One of the best things about using your setup and not worrying about account managers shutting you down is you can send emails out to massive scraped lists.  This means you can use a system like Scrapebox to gather millions of URLs, pull emails off of unique websites, then add them into your email sequences and let that baby run on autopilot since you're putting it on a VPS!  If something bad happens, swap out your SMTPs and change your IP, then continue sending out emails to your lists Mailchimp and Aweber alternative - Run your own emailing system  Don't be too spammy, send emails with a reason behind them, and try to make your business better!

Thanks for reading Mailchimp and Aweber alternative - Run your own emailing system

Tommy Carey


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